A 35-Meter-long wooden walkway leads out in the Australian metropolis of Perth from Mounts Bay Road to the Swan River. At the end of: a small light blue boat house, which stands on stilts in the waters.

for Years, residents and visitors of Perth gifted the buildings, little attention, meanwhile, the “Blue” Boat House “has become” a Top tourist attraction.

“Blue Boat House” in Perth popular Instagram motif

As CNN reported, the small house to the Hotspot for instagrammers. The picturesque scenery has attracted thousands of tourists who have made a snapshot for their Instagram channel – with unpleasant side effects for the direct neighboring. The city of Perth has adopted the thing in the meantime.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

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“In the past few years, there has been an increase of visitors in the region”, – stated in a request. “All the coach groups, but also individual travellers, keep it there, to shoot a photo.” In addition to the increase in traffic there is a further Problem: “The nearest public toilet is located 2.4 kilometres.”

Dangerous restricted zone

Instagram-Model travels to Chernobyl, and ventures up into the control room before

in Particular, the operator of the nearby Restaurants have had to battle recently, with more and more tourists used the toilet. With some unpleasant consequences: “He documented numerous verbal attacks and vandalism.” In addition, the droves of toilet impaired-goers his business.

The Instagram Hype to the blue boat house is now led to, that the city Council decided the establishment of a public toilet. It will be the first solar-powered toilet in the city, cost: the equivalent of around 245,000 euros, plus annual operating costs of EUR 12,000.

The city Council showed up at the end of The Restaurant to focus on its core business and the tourists are more beautiful pictures of the “Blue Boat House” make – without the unpleasant side effects.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

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sources: CNN, city Council, Perth



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