Unesco warns Venice for some time that large cruise ships endanger the world heritage site. Environmentalists see because of the ships, particularly the Ecosystem of the lagoon is in danger. The accident involving a cruise ship at the beginning of June in the Giudecca canal to St. mark’s square, fuelled the discussion about the huge ships in the lagoon city.

The city and the government in Rome to discuss for years whether and how the ships are to avoid the world heritage city. Now Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice, the Radio 24, said: “We will write to Unesco and tell: ladies and gentlemen, puts us on the Red list.”

Brugnaro accuses the Minister of transport of the Five-star movement, Danilo toninelli, to block a Plan by the previous government to ban the ships from the channel. “We don’t feel longer lens of this Minister (…) represents,” said Brugnaro and made it clear that the transport Minister could not guarantee, in his view, the protection of Venice.

entry fee for tourists.

In the course of the discussion about over-tourism, the tourist rush in Excess, was already talked about restrictions on access to places and a quota arrangement of the visit to pay

After the collision

Venice banished to cruise ships – maybe

By Till Bartels

Within ten years, visitor figures have risen by around 25 percent. Especially the day visitors and cruise tourists are the Locals to be a thorn in the eye: you can hardly any money in the city.

day visitors are now being asked to pay. Venice-visitors pay, depending on the season between € 2.50 and a maximum of 10 Euro for the tour. Hotel guests will be added to the bill is already a local tax.

The hotel Association Federalberghi, said that it is fair, if not only hotel guests pay the “bill”. “Our cities are not museums And in museums, it is right to buy a ticket,” said Association President Bernabò Bocca.

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