if you want to drive from Berlin with the ICE train to Hamburg, the clock soon in a half hour. The Deutsche Bahn is set to double from the timetable change in December 2020/21 your trips on the route from railway circles.

so Far, every hour is driving a ICE. Due to the increase in the DB can carry around 20 percent more passengers on the route. The journey time on the route will continue to be 1:40 hours.

the improved offer, Deutsche Bahn attack on one of its most important commuter routes. The track belongs to in addition to the high-speed route from Munich to Berlin to the racers of the track.

taste of the Germany-clock

The extension will also be a foretaste of the Germany-clock, to be realized in a few years, it is said in railway circles. In addition, it is the attempt of the DB, to improve their bad Image. Most recently, the company made especially with people who arrive late and Chen trains and poor construction site management headlines.

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