you have the nose full of dressed Italian cities, which is overflowing with tourists? Then you should visit the coolest city in Italy. The is characterized above all by their pristine street culture and the decay of architecture. The “Lonely Planet” describes as the “raw” and “untamed” side of Italy. Is the talk of Naples.

Naples, it behaves the same way: you Either love the city or hate you. Who doesn’t like you, tourists, who are accustomed of Italy different. Pretty Italian cities with their magnificent palaces to splurge, where every street corner is a new beautiful cafe with furniture and hidden from self-carved palettes, and ball-shaped bulbs. Naples is the complete opposite.

Here, there is a lack of Hipster cafes and chic Bars that make the night life. In Naples, it’s been hanging around on the streets. We meet on the Piazza Bellini, for example. It is teeming with galleries, the evening turned into Bars, and of nondescript cafes. At Caffè Dell’epoca, you get, for example, an Aperol Spritz for 2 Euro. Anyone in the mood for music, you must go to the Spanish quarters. In the ground floor apartments, the so-called bassi, there are often impromptu concerts. Experimental DJs in the Spazio Intolab, an old wool factory in the vicinity of the station.

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Not recognize the red-and-white checkered tablecloths make for a good Italian Restaurant, but what lands on the plate. Tomato sauce with cream? No. Sour Antipasti? No. We provide orientation.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Naples, you experience on the streets

Locals and insiders know: during the week, it depends on the streets of Naples. Not in the Bars, but in front of the Bars. On Wednesdays, play in the Bucopertuso Bands and cheap Drinks. Thursdays Francesco Sepe served in its wine shop, Antica Cantina Sepe wine for 1.50 euros and Mama’s Parmigiana, a vegetarian eggplant casserole. On Fridays outside at the Spiedo D’oro, there are Live music Gigs.

Who would like to spend a little more money, go before the dinner, the quarter of Chiaia. There, in the narrow streets of aperitivo, the Italian Pre-Dinner, which usually consists of Cocktails, cold salads and charcuterie plates.

The Eternal city?

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By Denise Snieguole Wachter

shocked the art scene is not to be underestimated: “street art, the fragmented Palisades of the city is adorned,” writes the Lonely Planet. The mayor of Naples has recently written on his Facebook page that street fit to the “social and political-revolutionary drive of the city”. On the Piazza dei Girolamini in the old town, you can look at a work of Banksy, the only one in Italy: a statue of the virgin, which wears in place of a halo, a pistol on the head.

The local Duo Cyop & Kaf has created in the Spanish quarter, more than 220 wall paintings of shop fronts, shutters and street corners: Surreal, often disturbing images adorn the walls. The are mostly politically motivated and point to the Power of the Mafia in Naples, which is still present.

so anyone Who wants to get to know the “real” Italy, you should go to Naples, and in the depth of diving. When it comes to the “Lonely Planet”, then the “raw” and “untamed” city of Italy is worth the trip.

source: Lonely Planet

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