at the end of July, I visited Verona, in the middle of the high season. Back at home everyone asked me if I had seen Julia’s Ballkon. No, the most famous balcony of the town I got to face. The alleged site of the tragedy of Shakespeare is located in a courtyard, not far from Piazza delle Erbe. To enter it, you have to grow by an archway constraints, the of people and Thousands of slips of paper with oaths of Love. To come Through was not to think. Even in the alley in front of it, a pedestrian zone, pile up the masses.

The crowd was so great, that I passed on a visit to the main attraction. This Verona is not even on the sea, and has spit out no cruise port in which the vessels, such as in Barcelona or Dubrovnik act every day thousands of pass. Also the Northern Italian city is one of those ten places, which are assailed, according to Statista the most violent of tourists.

over tourism in Europe’s metropolises

protests against Airbnb

The great trouble to the living room

By Till Bartels

Recently, scientists have studied the Numbers from 500 cities in Europe. As a starting material, the number of arrivals served, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This was compared with the number of licensed accommodation bed supply per square kilometre. Next, the number of tourists was compared during the peak travel time with the number of inhabitants.

“after we performed, in each city, a representative survey with 1000 residents and they requested to rate positive or negative, how you feel during the high season of tourists affected”, – stated in the analysis. “With all these data, we calculated a rating.”

the result of the route over tourism suffering cities you will find on the following pages of the photo.

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