victims more and more passengers, less accidents: The already low number of fatal commercial air travel tends to decrease. Even if the past year was overshadowed by some of the crash as the Boeing 737 Max, the Indonesian Lion Air in November. Worldwide 562 people were killed in aircraft accidents died.

That was more than 2017, when passenger air travel was largely by accident spared and only 40 deaths counted.

An initial assessment of the safety in civil aviation concluded by the Association of the German air traffic economy (BDL) and the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation centre (Jacdec), in cooperation with the aviation magazine “Aero International”.

Fullscreen ©the Federation of German aviation industry e. V.

Therefore, has been to 2018, the Finnish airline company Finnair is the safest Airline in the world. Last year’s winner, Emirates, reached the fourth place, the Spanish Air Europa’s rank 5. The study captures the world’s 100 airlines with the largest traffic capacity.

The Jacdec rating is done on a risk index in its ranking of the factors, such as traffic performance of the Airline against the number of incidents and total losses of the past 30 years.

flying is always safer

on the flight lines from the German-speaking world it was the best case for a place in the front of midfield. At best, the Lufthansa section, with the space 21 and 90,97%, one rank better than in the previous year. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings ended up on place 25, Condor, 41, Austrian to 51 and Swiss on 60. On the last places Airlines from Russia, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Aero International

The Ranking of all 100 largest Airlines is to be read in the February issue of the magazine “Aero International”, the on 15. January 2019 appears.

The positive long-term Trend, however, is clear: 25 years Ago, as the air traffic wasn’t even in half the volume of today, the death toll twice as high. Statistically speaking, flying has since become four Times safer.

“will give A hundred percent security, it is also, in the future, never,” says Jan-Arwed Richter from the Hamburg-based flight safety office Jacdec. “In the face of the world more than four billion pass passengers per year fly to the safest means of transport ever.”

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