How would you like a change of scenery? Instead of a short trip due to an event, the visit of a trendy exhibition, with long queues, or a concert with a Superstar in another city, waiting for the accommodation to the main can be the destination of a weekend trip.

If the jail or crane, whether in the tree house hotel is a wolf enclosure, or in the styled air traffic control towers by the sea sleep – Germany offers an Abundance of exceptional Hotels to be found between the Alps and the sea. In this case, the pleasure or adventure has to be not expensive.

On the following pages of the photo gallery we present 13 different accommodation options that you will remember for a long time, if you have spent a night.

Click through these photo galleries:

Where to hotel guests in their secret fantasies live So, that looks to be the most romantic Hotel in the world Welcome to the craziest Hotel in California


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