applies to Hiking as the new trend in sports. The bandwidth of the physical activity is as varied as it is with almost any other leisure activity: The selection ranges from a harmless walk, on a long day hike on a marked Route up to the multi-week challenge through wild nature, with more tent nights.

A new release from the Knesebeck publishing house helps to find the suitable Route: “500 Walks – the Legendary adventure hikes in the world” is the title of the heavy book – a true source of inspiration for the plans.

Swiss railway adventure trail Albula

heritage range

By Till Bartels

In contrast to conventional Hiking guides Hiking to the World, this plant is not divided on a geographical basis, but according to historical: The six chapters such as “ancient” and “medieval” to “20. Century” differ according to the historical meanings of the routes and the encounters you would like to engage in on-the-go. Specifically, this means: the St. Paul trail in Western Anatolia in Turkey, the way of St. James through France and Spain or the new wall trail in Berlin.

The respective routes are either presented in detail with photos and sketch maps on three pages, or only as an appetite stimulator in a short and concise information boxes.

500 Walks: Large-way, small errors

the selection has Selected the British editor, Sarah Baxter, who has long worked for the magazine “Wanderlust”. In the case of the German edition, there is unfortunately little evidence on the current political Situation on the ground. Because he is one of the first 500 Walks Roraima in Venezuela leads to the Mount, truly in the Moment, not a recommended Travel destination.

Also warnings from the foreign office, as is the case with Trips to East Pakistan, or on the Sinai Peninsula are not considered. Routes where the risk of co-migrates not by natural, but by means of terrorist threats, do not belong in a guide.

it’s also Annoying factual errors in the book: As is stated in the famous eight-thousanders K2 in the Karakorum, first ascent in the year 1854 to the time of the second highest mountain of the earth surveyed once more.

On the following pages in the photo gallery above, we present ten of the 500’s legendary hikes.

Click routes the photo:

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