Seven years of the planned date for the opening of the airport BER is already here. After the opening has been postponed, plagued the designated Mega-airport, a considerable constructional defects. After Munich and Frankfurt, the airport BER is to become the third-largest German airport. Almost a year before the final opening of the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, expressed again skeptical about the timetable, and feared further delays.


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I had visited in 2012, the breakdown Airport BER. Now I was there again and am shocked

By Till Bartels

In a letter to Airport CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup Scheuer writes, according to the Newspapers of the Funke media group, the “uncertainties with regard to the timely opening of the BER airport in October 2020” had also been in a Supervisory Board meeting in mid-may, “not completely” eliminated.

Specifically related Scheuer on the status of completion of fire alarm system and cable trades. There are only a very small time buffer required for the examination of the technical equipment in the airport buildings remained. The so-called active principle of testing is planned for this summer. “This development gives me cause for concern,” wrote the Minister of transport, according to the spark-Newspapers in his letter of 24. May.

Scheuer calls for clarity on airport BER

Scheuer Commission calls for clarity on the further course of action, at the latest, in a special Board meeting in August: “If you are not able to report in such a session on a successful outcome of the principle examination, you must submit a written overall plan for the case that the opening date can not be held in October 2020.”

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roadside airport Berlin: “We build anything, we build the BER ready”

By Till Bartels

This includes information such as the airports in Tegel and Schönefeld. The timely opening of the airport BER have for him is “next highest priority”, writes Scheuer. The opening of the new capital airport will be postponed for a number of years. In April, doubts were expressed that the now targeted date of October 2020 can be met.

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“We have nothing more to build, we build the BER ready”

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