because Of cute “Karamellbär” (to quote Ernestine). Andrej Mangold is the most dangerous, the worst, the most ruthless “Bätschi” ever. No matter whether or not Nathalia, Jennifer or Eva: kisses Andrei and fumbles, holding hands, dries tears, looks deep into the eyes. As an Escort Gigolo, he rewinds all women exactly the same, perfect seduction program. Therefore, all women tell to their romantic Dates the same: “It was perfect!”, “We kissed!”, “That was the best Date of my life!” So you noticed already yourself, but the wily “Bätschi” a lulling his favorites again and again.

His favorite phrase in front of the camera: “I want to find out what is real and what is played.” He is even the worst Faker. Using nasty Dating-Tricks (see below), kitschy Surprises (which comes up with RTL and paid for) and big words (“I’m here looking for true love!”) keeps he warm currently six loving women at the same time.


And again bites at the romance-Faker.

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This can be as a spectator only, a doctrine, because, of course, the “Bätschi is” not an isolated case – but it records wonderfully the worst Dating phenomena of our time. Read and prepare:


Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” in 2015, appeared and was promptly a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for 21. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

you’ve heard of people online to create a completely new identity (the pale thickness of Norbert is the hot-blooded Latin Lover, etc.) and other in the love trap. Sometimes it all comes down to money. Often of pure sadism or boredom behind it. Similarly, it runs at the “Bachelor”: Andrey lives in a Villa which does not belong to him. He invites the women to a real date, the thought of television editors and RTL have been paid. The fact is that None of the women know how Andrei is ticking in real life. He may be a miser? He is wearing a private Adilette instead of a suit? He lives in a rancid ones-WG? In television he plays the role of the creative, wealthy Cosmopolitans to pick up his Dates in a helicopter. But what is he without the production company? The Script? Not for nothing, all of the previous “Bachelor”relationships are broken a few weeks after the Finale. It is probably the reality.


What do you the consequences of your favorite series can make, goes well with people: Just as many in succession consume, as possible! Especially popular with Tinder-children with broken hearts: to numb the pain you are going to organize five Dates for five consecutive days. Good for the Ego? In the short term, Yes. But then the Emptiness …

the “Bachelor” chasing a dream date to the next. Surprising that the “Bätschi” is not yet familiar with the names mixed up. Today, cuddling with Eva, morning smooch with Jennifer, the day after tomorrow Engtanz with the hot Brazilian … intense moments that fizzle out in the crowd. After all, When “the Bachelor” the women now know at least that you are just one of many …


“I have a dream that one day others with you to Spain to be evaluated. We have three children and I build us a house made of pig’s head Brawn, Baby.” Clearly, building castles in the air is easy (especially on the phone or by WhatsApp). Problematic is, if the whole relationship made empty promises. This phenomenon can be observed frequently in the case of married men, the Beloved, the blue from the heaven lies to keep you at the bar, but ultimately never file for divorce.

Also, the “Bachelor” tells the story of his favorites a lot, when the day is long: “I want to fall in love right here”, “I want to marry and have children”. To emphasize this, he will introduce the women even your potential mother-in-law and to visit her parents at home. The perfect couple’s idyll, consisting of hot air.


You’ll find someone, okay, but also not really cool. This is still better than nothing and helps you also great, you have to have a blasted Single life across console. So do you think you/him with sugary-sweet messages happy. The contact goes to sleep from time to time … Then you activate it again with a short, cute SMS and – Hey Presto! – eats/he is you and you feel better.

the current victims of the “Bachelor”: Jade. She had never complained a single date with Andrei, himself, that he would not know at all – and yet they continue to come every Time a round. What’s the point? Well, she is the blonde “spare tire”, if the other Girls are already sooo in love with Andrei, just take start.

breadcrum ping:

Here is a deeper look, because sometimes a kiss: The “Bachelor’s” don’t throw favourites like Steffi or Vanessa a few bread crumbs for you to find him still very great and on the Ball.

In real life, something like this takes place mainly via WhatsApp. It is sent to the other from time to time a couple of sexy photos or flirting him at the Party intensely. To say, however, without him ever clearly that you want him. Big words (“With you I have a very special feeling”), without ever deeds.

The mesh is hard to see through, because you have hopes and hopes, but eventually the penny drops: He will decide never to me!

love bombing:

All candidates swarmed after their individual dates: “It was so intense, perfect, crazy, beautiful. We kissed, too. I now feel quite sure of that.” No wonder, because Andrei showered each woman with attention, compliments, affection. Although he has, like, three seconds with another fumble. Warning: If someone bombed right at the beginning so blatant with love, “” something must be wrong. The guy’s just a Show! It is often narcissists who want to Polish their Ego with as many conquests.

Small consolation: In the next episode of “the Bachelor” Vanessa is made for the snail, because he, apparently, in your presence tolldreist with another smooch. “That’s disrespectful!”, she scolds. So the air is gradually thinner for the nasty Rascal. Good!

H. Bright: What I learned about Sex

Fresh separated? Don’t panic everyone* has at least failed four “Right”

shock news from Hollywood: Jennifer aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux. Urgh, Single 49. It sucks, but no reason to panic – Henriette Bright. For each of us there are in fact four or five “Correct”.


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