A Hotel in Dublin, went down to the wishes of a guest – and beyond


Ramadan makes the daily life for devout Muslims is complicated: During the fasting month, you are not allowed to eat between sunrise and sunset or for a drink. In order to have enough strength for the day, the almost, so think carefully when you take food – sometimes at very unusual times

the beats are not always a lot of understanding. All the more surprised to be a Muslim in Dublin was like a Hotel supported him in the exercise of his Religion. The man stayed in an Ibis Hotel in the Irish capital and had asked him in the night, a small Snack, so that he could strengthen before dawn. The Hotel was not in rags.

Instead of a small Snack. for the Muslim guest, the full Breakfast buffet, which is normally executed only hours later The staff took the trouble, at 2.30 o’clock in the night, all prepare – for a single guest.

Hotel in Dublin: Not only good Service, but also a lot of appreciation

His colleague, Hemant book that accompanied the Muslim, apparently, told the story on Twitter. The Hotel staff said it was the least they could do, he said.

“In all the hatred, there is still humanity,” he praised and wrote to the hotel chain: “you can be proud of the Hotel in Dublin.” Meanwhile, the Tweet was yet more than 100,000 Times, and 20,000 Times retweeted.

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Also, other Users have told of similar experiences in other Hotels, where they experienced not only good Service, but also the appreciation of their Religion and identity. “I almost cried,” says a Muslim who got in Washington, even a personal card from the staff.

The Hotel in Dublin to have done everything right – not only by it has been embellished with a little attention to a guest’s stay. On Twitter, the Hotel and staff to be praised in the highest tones. “It’s no luxury hotel, but the people have a good heart,” said Hemant’s book, “USA Today”. Due to the large spread of the Tweets could be worth it for the beautiful gesture and economically. Some Users, at least, to remember already, they knew now that the next Time you are in Dublin and want to stay.

source: Hemant book on Twitter / “USA Today”



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