mixes in the Middle of the concert of the jungle cicadas themselves barking. As a choir of high voices. Alternately. Anyone who goes through the wooden gate, gets the full load of hospitality. Over sixty dogs yapping and barking from full neck, jump, in addition to their visitors in the air, at them up, sniffing and licking. Immediate Emotions.

Happy, these dogs Glenn Greenwald, who helped in 2013, Edward Snowden, his explosive information on the NSA Abhörskandals in the British “Guardian” to prepare and publish, for which the newspaper was awarded the Pulitzer prize. Today, Greenwald lives in Rio de Janeiro, is still working as a Journalist. And as a do-gooder: in 2016, he built in the vicinity of the metropolis asylum for abandoned animals, especially street dogs. It’s called “Hope”, hope.


Now on newsstands: the new DOGS.

And Greenwald thought. His Vision: should the homeless take care of the dogs, and this again to a normal life. “They often have a special wire to the dogs, to animals in General. In the end, both sides benefit,” says Greenwald. Mr and dog, both must be well. Both are to be settled. Happy dogs make people happier.

Greenwald’s house, on a hill near Rio’s largest Favela, Rocinha, is feudal: tropical wood furniture, dark floorboards, a concert Grand piano, a gramophone on the ledge of a window, which gives a clear view on a garden with jungle plants. The paper of the book is on the coffee table, the yellowed and furrowed like lemon peel. In a corner of a white Christmas tree made of plastic. One might suspect that Greenwald, 52 years old, celebrating the feasts, in the meantime, as they fall. But the dog asylum proves that he adds to his life, significant events, by design. If he wants something, gesturing he’s not wild, he raises his voice, speaks louder. A skilled speaker. Only sometimes he digresses. If the dogs come. Then he hugs his miniature Pinscher, Cane, breed of dog and a bit snobby. He came from a gay Couple from Rio’s most noble area of the Leblon, the no longer wanted him.

24 fur noses he offers asylum

Greenwald loves dogs. His first he got at the age of six years, from the father. Later in the study, and as a lawyer, the time was missing. The more he enjoys life today with 24 fur, nose and, of course, he could remember the name, he says. The love was there also, the Greenwald to Rio drive. He had for some time, even before the Scoop with Snowden, the feeling that something was missing. In Rio he found questions answers to the self-made life. He lives there with his husband, David Miranda, now a Deputy in the Brazilian Parliament. In 2013, Greenwald founded the English-language news portal “The Intercept”, which he operates from Brazil.

“to Me the many homeless people in Rio are noticed. Since then, the economic crisis has returned about five years ago, it more,” says Glenn Greenwald. A long time he had wondered whether homeless people have dogs because they are excited, when passers-by so much the more pity. “Long have I carried this prejudice in me. But at some point I realized: These people have no social contacts anymore. No Conversation Partner. No one embraces you.” Therefore, you need a Comrade who has more empathy than assets people ever: a dog. What Greenwald noticed that This relationship is not so tight that most of the homeless need a leash for your dogs – because they listen to their master. “I can’t say the same for my dogs,” he says, laughing.

For him, it was clear that he wanted to do for all parties Involved in this mutual dependency on something. So he does not collect today, only dogs that have been abandoned by their owners, but gives homeless people the Chance to take care of in the project to the animals, to earn a little money, and in a life as a human in Would back slide. “Our successes in rehabilitation are modest. It is not easy to work with these people.” They are often drug addicted, mentally ill and not always reliable, says Greenwald. Therefore, whether it be target, also a social worker.


The bone hunters: on the Road with a dog that the secret weapon for the police

Back at the shelter, back in Marecá, which is located in Rio’s periphery, almost 50,000 square meters, is a Paradise full of tropical trees. The limes, oranges and star fruits are just ripe and give off their scents in the Melange as an irresistible perfume. Hummingbirds kiss the flowers on the bushes. Here we meet Karollyne Olavo and Marcelo Barros, the offers, when you have a visitor. Immediately, you offer coffee. People, you are as good hosts as their dogs, you give eight. Karollyne wants to wear makeup to be beautiful to be on the photos, which are now shot. And to show that their work is bearing fruit, not only in the garden. Even with these dogs in the shelter, as they focused on the Now. People need to meditate for a state for a long time. Her Partner, Marcelo learned Karollyne know on the street, where both lived for many years. Today, you are the shelter’s responsibility, other homeless people there are currently in the project.

“I took off with twelve of home. In my Childhood I was sexually abused. The school I went to only five years of my life. The road for me was my home. In part, I slept under bridges,” says Karollyne, which is a TRANS-woman. In a country of Machismo, Brazil is still, has it hard, who is born in the wrong body. People like you remain in Brazil to Prostitution, they are often victims of so-called Hate Crimes. Karollyne told no Details, but if you look at your face, think you can read that this woman had to endure a lot in your 40 years of life. Her life partner, Marcelo is 36 years old, but acts much older. He has experienced a for the homeless typical descent: the broken partnership, job loss, impoverishment. As he could not pay the maintenance for his four daughters and his rent, he lost everything, picked up on the street Heroin and other drugs. “I’ve made myself almost broke,” he says.

“dogs for me were always better friends than people”

Then he met Karollyne. They lived for a time in an abandoned house in Rio with other homeless people. There were also around 25 street dogs, in addition, they supplied a number of cats. Karollyne the Head of the group was. “Dogs were always better friends than people,” sayt. In your house you got to know one day Glenn Greenwald, who was to become because of the many dogs that were running around there, on the residential community’s attention and quickly fascinated. This went so far that he made a Film about Karollynes life. It was the beginning of their cooperation. The drugs he had now behind him, Marcelo and smiles with gaping gaps in teeth. Karollyne and he lives in a small house next to the fenced-in run area, between the Pool and the citrus fruits. “For us, it’s better now,” says Karollyne.

There are estimates that in Brazil, several million homeless dogs living on the street. Like everywhere else in the world can you leave your retainer anywhere connected, preferably in the outdoors. If the dog does not fit to the life planning, he will be deported. At the same time, the number of homeless people is growing steadily. Alone in São Paulo, it should be well over 15,000 people. In Rio, there were at last count in 2013, over 5000. In a country with little social systems, is the descent, quickly a reality. As the not-rich the police and the homeless, sometimes even the only beings and collect the dogs, so to tell, at least the homeless on the beach of Copacabana.


Unusual coat colour in dogs: Why you can have fatal consequences

Who on whom is eight, the man to the dog, or rather Vice versa, is often not exactly, in the project of Glenn Greenwald. Sometimes the dogs will take over, but clearly the supervision. To burn once started the fridge at night after a short-circuit. One of her favorite dogs jumped on the bed and bite Karollyne and Marcelo in the feet, so you woke up, and saved your life. If you tell, they act like proud parents. The angekokelte fridge still stands today as a memorial in the kitchen. The dog’s name since then, Rosira Bombeira, “bombeira” means the fire brigade. The female is one of the few dogs that must always wander to Karollyne and Marcelo.

For the animals, for your life

A hierarchy in the pack there is also at the shelter. The firefighter has recovered since the incident of self-confidence. In contrast to the black mongrel dog, which they call here “the thickness”. “You have to keep a bit of a diet,” says Karollyne. The dogs get to eat twice a day, not only meat, but also rice and vegetables. The animals are well in the asylum, you can feel it when you get there. Greenwald himself says about his co-worker Karollyne: to be For the animals, for your life.

And that’s true. A word from her is enough, and the pack of sounds. She is the dog Whisperer. She takes the dogs as you are, with your whole being. Every animal has its role: The older dogs to calm down tempers in the dispute in the pack, the younger ones are allowed to play on the big run-out distance full of Verve. If a street dog comes in and a few days later, six puppies gives birth to, then so be it. You get the feeling that these animals take care of the weak members. Some of the new arrivals are suffering from injuries like lame legs, hip dysplasia, diseases such as fungal infections or vermin. “We get the drugs, the dogs need, and we are told what to like and when to use. You will also be vaccinated,” says Karollyne, together with Marcelo also on poisonous cobras in focus, if the meander meadows here on the cut.

The shelter thrives on donations

A major goal of Glenn Greenwald’s Shelter is that every dog gets a home. Animal lovers who want to buy a dog, can call “Hope”. Public money doesn’t get Greenwald for his project, the animal shelter can only survive thanks to donations. A Crowdfunding campaign has been running for 2017 www.gofundme.com. She has so far introduced a total of 105,000 US-Dollar. “The Brazilians holding back. To donate for animals, something that is not usual here. Our donors come from the United States and Canada,” says Greenwald. He would like to increase in the next step, the number of captured dogs. And, if possible, other public personalities to help inspire you. His husband, David Miranda wants to fight, as politicians increasingly for animal rights and animal health.

wolf hybrid

The wolf dog. Can survival of this Predator in our latitudes?

How Greenwald reacts, if he gets to hear sometimes, he should care about the people and less about the animals? Now Greenwald is talking louder, and you realize how much he is angry about this vote. “First of all, we have to do something for the homeless are also people. And secondly, an animal deserves the same care. The main thing is to make a difference.” A company is not good to animals, is not good to yourself, in Brazil.

A day later. A young man is between a tree and a parked car in a parallel street to Rios beach and a mile from Leme and hugs his mongrel dog. On the free torso, a tattoo of the club crest of the football club River Plate from Buenos Aires emblazoned. The homeless guy, Daniel, Lula, 29 years old, comes from Argentina, which is why the call on the road only Gringo. Maluca he calls his bitch, which means Crazy. “That’s why we fit so well together,” says Daniel. He gathered up the young bitch on the twelfth of December last year, somewhere in the state of São Paulo, after being hit by a car. And you stayed with him. As Greenwald was speaking through him, says Daniel: “I have confidence on the road to anyone, except to my dog. There is no treueres beings. And no closer friendship.” He wasn’t on drugs, wool to come back again on the legs. You could say: Maluca Daniels antidepressant. It makes the road more tolerable. The Argentinian earned the food for himself and his dog, by selling water and beer on the beach of Copacabana. His family back home did not know how he is. As if he had lost his Job as a forklift driver, he had been too proud to ask for help. He would soon move to the home in the direction of Mendoza, home to Argentina, his father, to inaugurate and try again with the help of sedentariness.

Daniel has never heard of Glenn Greenwald. But he says it’s never too late to hope for.

More stories, the only dog passieren, you will find the new DOGS!

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