As a rough orientation at the beginning of a Warsaw visit to the observation deck of the Palace of culture serves located in the vicinity of the main train station. In 115 metres in height, hovering over the city, hear the sirens of the ambulances, and blowing a strong Wind through the vault.

Museum of the history of Polish Jews

Polin: time travel through 1000 years

Young Warsaw meet up here, to a Rendezvous, casual in talks recessed in deck chairs. Tourists can enjoy the 360-degree view from the center of the Polish capital, and can only imagine that Warsaw from the ruins of the Second world war, has risen again.

On the 28. September 1945, the German Wehrmacht marched into Warsaw. A more than five-year reign of terror began with the largest Ghetto in Europe. Alone, 300,000 Jews were deported and murdered.

The Warsaw of the presence

unlike in many Parts of the country, where the conservative Right and the Catholic Church have its Say, chose the residents of Warsaw, an Opposition candidate into office. The run-off election in December 2018 and was won by the liberal Rafał Trzaskowski. The politicians of the Polish civic platform was already in young years in the European Parliament, and took care of later, as Minister to the digitalization of the country.


Strona główna

Trzaskowski is the guarantee that Warsaw remains an open and EU-friendly metropolis without any censorship of critical theatre performances, and a free press.

On the following page of the photo gallery we show some of the well-known and hardly noticed the sights that Warsaw has to offer to the visitors.

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