Jay and Dee wind Ross from Melbourne were just sitting on the bed of her dying baby Amiyah, as the father of the child got a text. The 24-year-old Siti K. claimed to have the cell phone of his wife. She asked for 1000 dollars, so about 900 euros, for the mobile phone with the recent photos of the babies. Previously, the Couple had launched in Australia, a media call to have the phone back.

“This Person did not cease to write to me the whole night, while Dee and I spent our last moments with Amiyah,” writes the father on Facebook. The Doctors had diagnosed in the 11-month-old Baby with a neurological disease. Amiyah died in the same night.

the fate of the foundlings

“Please take care of yourself. I can’t”

Only days later, the police identified the 24-year-old blackmailer, and arrested them. It turned out that she was once in the possession of the mobile phones.

dad: “We can’t take the pain and the Emptiness in words”

“she had heard our desperate Situation and that we would pay a reward, and took advantage of this to your advantage,” writes the father. “The disturbed the last moments I had with my dying daughter. We can’t take the pain and the Emptiness that we feel, approach to put in to words, but to get these messages, has broken even more.”

Just thought we’d throw out an update on Dee’s phone – which is still missing. On Tuesday evening we received the news…

Posted by Jay wind Ross on Saturday, 27. April 2019

tomorrow, Tuesday, to answer to the wife before the court. According to her lawyer, she works as an Uber driver and I need to let their children due to lack of money in Malaysia. For Jay and Dee wind Ross, that is no excuse. “You will have to suffer the consequences of their behavior,” said Dee wind Ross of the Daily Mail.

The Pair is looking still to the phone with the last photos of your baby.

“I don’t care who you are, just give me my phone back”, Dee wind Ross desperately to the thief. “Put the phone somewhere and let anyone know where it is, so I can have it back.”

sources: “Daily Mail”, Facebook



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