This Line, and fly involuntarily to the shortest in the recent US aviation history: From the Start up to the landing of the U.S. Airways flight 1549 lasted just six minutes. This, however, was not planned. Actually, the Airbus A320 should be at the 15. January 2009 from New York’s La Guardia airport to Charlotte in the state of North Carolina to fly. However, in almost 1000 meters of height above the Bronx, the machine came shortly after the Start in feathered against traffic: a Minimum of four large Canada geese were sucked into both engines.

airline captain Chesley B. Sully and co-pilot Jeffrey B. Skiles of flight safety: “bird strike and loss of Thrust in both engines, reported”. The sober realization meant that the Airbus without any nozzle force was only used as a glider control. A return to the departure airport or an emergency landing on the small Teterboro Airport in New Jersey was impossible. “We’re gonna be in the Hudson” – we are in the Hudson, was the last radio message.


“Mayday, Mayday, this is Cactus 1549. Bird strike. Both engines are failed. We fly back to La Guardia.”

©Bebeto Matthews Picture-Alliance

The 150 passengers Sully said over the ship’s loudspeakers: “prepare for impact”. The good outcome of the story is well known. The Crew was successful ditching on the Hudson, in a southerly direction. The left engine tore off the plant when in contact with the icy water, but a Breaking of the hull could be prevented – just as a panic on Board. All of the passengers and the five crew members left the plane via the emergency exits, wherein the inflated emergency slides were used as rafts and the wings as a Pier, and from there through rushed to the scene ferries rescued.


The Airbus overland to the South © Picture Alliance

a Few days after the accident, the Airbus out of the water, was hoisted on a pontoon and from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) carefully investigated. And with almost one and a half years delay, the machine reached with the official recognition N106US, but their original flight destination: Charlotte Douglas International Airport. For the 965-kilometer-long Transport by low loader with wings and tail were removed. In the neighboring Carolinas Aviation Museum, the plane has found its last resting place. Between the old flying boats, helicopters, and military machines have become the battered Airbus to the big Star.


In a Hangar at the Carolinas Aviation Museum © Till Bartels

As I paid for my visit, the entrance fee and the completely darkened Museum wants to enter, come me, gasping for breath, the older American woman with Overweight running back. “I wanna get out of here” she calls out. However, you will of a guardian is not allowed through, because the output is at the other end of the hall. The lady is struggling to maintain that this is an emergency situation. Before it collapses, may you to-Free – the perfect prelude to the encounter with the “Miracle on the Hudson”, the title of the exhibition.


The damage the Bug does not come from the bird strike © Till Bartels

No wonder that the woman suffers from shortness of breath. Even at the beginning of September, Mr feels like 45 degrees in the Hangar. For months, the southern sun hits the building. A sign warns “no air conditioning”. In the centre of the exhibition is the Airbus A320 with its broken nose.


For Transport, the wings had to be dismantled © Till Bartels

On the wings of the traces of the rescue operation are clear to see. “Any damage to told a part of the incredible history”, – stated in the declarations. Most of the dents on the bow and the cockpit Windows were not created by bird strike, but at the time of salvage. The holes in the aluminum skin, and especially on the wing caused by the Docking of the ferries, as they beat at the time of Acquisition of the passengers against the hull.


devotional Shrine of a plane crash © Till Bartels

In showcases are still our fourth wine bottles for the guests of the First Class issued, the clothes of the Crew, as the pilot hat, Trolleys with coke cans, as well as personal belongings of some passengers. For this purpose, the mink coat from Laurie Cane, sitting on a square 9D, or the mobile phone of Sheri Neumann space 18A. Six years ago there were no Smartphones, flip phones and Blackberrys were ten years ago, the Latest. Particularly impressive from the water, caught an airplane manual and a stuffed Canada goose. The Swan is a large migratory birds brought the engines to a Halt. In the investigation in the compressor blades were found the Remains of.


views to the rear, with the preceding auxiliary turbine © Till Bartels

For the Transport to the rear of the auxiliary engine, the auxiliary power unit (APU) had to be separated. The unit is actually for the power supply of the machine on the ground responsible. However, Pilot Sully had it at 15. January is still in flight so as to guarantee the machine’s maneuverability, remained operational. Sully, an active glider pilot and a former fighter pilot in the U.S. air force, managed to be one of the few water-air travel charges in the history of the civil, without it a man gave life to complain about. Although some of the passengers had to be under refrigeration in hospitals. Only one flight attendant had suffered a deep cut wound.


landing on the coffee mug: a Souvenir from North Carolina © Till Bartels

Not for nothing, Captain Sully,” as he was hailed by the media, the title of “Hero of the Hudson””. In 2016, the Hollywood strip, “Sully”, with Tom Hanks in the main role. In the Museum shop only sullen Berger’s book is “Highest Duty – My Search For What Really Matters”, but the accident-Airbus US Airways also adorns T-Shirts, mint tins and coffee mugs.

As I leave the Museum after the tour, with its humming electric fans, I notice, what is the role of the cabin Crew of an aircraft really flight attendants not only to serve Gin and Tonic and nuts, but they are first and foremost responsible for safety. The flight attendants Donna Dent, Doreen Welsh and Sheila Dail were on flight 1549, an experienced Team with a combined 92 years of flying experience. Thanks to your help, the Evacuation was successful. Also, they are the “heroines from the Hudson”.

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