It is tearing the hair, but at least for the shake of the head, what happens in the holiday season in one of the most famous national parks on the Italian Riviera. Dozens of cruise ships stop in each week to the port of La Spezia, tip, thousands of tourists, many of whom then to the Cinque Terre, a picturesque Hiking trail along the Ligurian coast to explore. Not infrequently this ends in a light Hiking tour for foreign tourists in the hospital.

to blame, not the ways of the time, but uphill, sometimes downhill through the five famous villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. It is the tourists themselves, the booties, the ship with thin Fabric or even Flip – Flops leave the turmoil of Faith, it was a romantic walk on the beach. The Italian sheet “Repubblica”, according to the least expensive helicopter operations became more frequent. Many of the visitors were injured, therefore, because of their inappropriate footwear. Thus circuit a will now.

“a Lot of people think that they are on the beach”

Patrizio Scarpedelli, Director of the national Park, has the nose full. He is trying to establish a flip-flops ban for the trails in his Park. “People underestimate the hikes and think they are on the beach or in Riccione”, said the chief of the 1997 UNESCO world heritage site Cinque Terre. In part, drastic fines, he does not want to relieve himself now, only the national Park, and the rescue plane, but also to the visitors of this – not only in the tourist high castles of Italy, the usual habit for an answer.

Initial reconnaissance campaign, then hefty fines

A fine of between 50 and 2500 euros will have to pay, tourists who are caught with inappropriate footwear on the trails on the cliffs. The famous flip-flops, which provide guests in Hotels and on cruise ships is available for free. The prohibition, however, should only be set starting with the next holiday season. First of all, they wanted to educate the tourists through brochures and posters, a comprehensive, Scarpedelli.

last summer, about 450,000 cruise passengers landed in La Spezia. For 2019 Scarpedelli expects between April and October, with up to 750,000 guests – and thus potentially twice as many flip-flop Fans. Among other things, the planned limp-ban if you want to keep in Liguria the expected influx of visitors under control.

sources: Repubblica,



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