A father from England needed a practical solution to a big Problem: The wooden floors in his house creaked so loudly that his newborn Baby could not sleep through the night. If Paul Lanzarotti and his wife had the little daughter grade-hung, tried to leave at ten peaks in the room. However, all caution was in vain. The parquet floor squeaked throughout the house at every step. It was too loud for the light sleeper of the daughter. She woke up and the vicious circle began again.

After countless sleepless nights, as soon as possible, a solution had to be found for Lanzarotti. He began to inform yourself, and read online that a mixture of Teflon with an acrylic liquid is pressed the noise completely. He was a Spray and was surprised by the overwhelming effect.

For eight months, the noise is gone

The Spray worked immediately. After the first Spraying, quiet, the parquet is no longer killed when they Occur. He started in his daughter’s room and worked through the whole house. The newspaper “Metro,” says Lanzarotti: “The first few nights felt amazing. We finally had a sleeping Baby and that meant that we were able to sleep.” After eight months the soil is no sound. “We have a much happier Baby and we are much happier parents.”

Lanzarotti started to sell the Spray online. Initially, the demand for. But after a few months, the breakthrough came. With the parquet-Problem family Lanzarotti does not seem to stand alone. In the meantime, he has given up his Job to care permanently for manufacturing and marketing of the Sprays. “It started as a side project, just because we really needed a peaceful night’s sleep.”

source : “Metro”



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