Sex in the USA, apparently out of fashion. In the past year, so many Americans never not had Sex to show how latest Figures from the General Social Survey. Accordingly, 23 percent of all adults – nearly one in four respondents said to have 2018 no intercourse – a new record value in the for decades ongoing long-term study.

20 years Ago, fewer than one in five (19 percent) resulted in a no-sex life. Similarly, the proportion of those who have weekly or more frequent Sex decreases, in the same period, from 51 to 39 percent.

Interesting is the demographic background of the development: Because of the Trend towards sexual abstinence is not to be attributed solely to the aging of the society. The group of Over-60-Year-olds has increased steadily in recent years – and because only half of the seniors has Sex, drives the No-Sex-cut a total of upwards.

Young men to determine the Trend

However, the main changes there are for the boys: While the proportion of Sexless in the case of the Old is constant, it increases in the young adults surprisingly strong. In the past ten years he has been in the 18 – to 29 Year-olds more than doubled to 23 percent.

what is striking is the difference between the sexes. Only 18 percent of women, but 28 per cent of men under the age of 30 report that they have a no-sex year. This is amazing, because over the decades, the sexual behavior of male and female was similar, only in the past few years, a growing gap emerged.

For the declining Sex-activities of the young researchers have different explanations. For one, there is nowadays more and more people in their 20s that still don’t have a life partner, says Jean Twenge, a psychology Professor at the University of San Diego. In addition, many twenty – somethings – especially men-still at home, what do not promote sexual activities, also relatively. 35 percent of men and 28 percent of women under the age of 35 are still living under the roof of parents. To the detriment of young men have, according to Twenge, that in the historical comparison, fewer men have a fixed place of work than in the past. For those who have a fixed work, also often lead to a solid relationship.

could be a lot of digital distraction

And finally, all the distractions make a contribution, thanks to modern technology, it is now available to everyone. This expert Twenge is one of the games, among other things, video streaming, Social Media and console. Simply said: “There are a lot more things you can do today, at ten o’clock at night than 20 years ago.”

by the Way: The Trend of young Singles have less Sex than in the past, has described the University of Leipzig in 2016. Study Director Elmar Brähler saw also a reason in the advent of digital media: “The young and consume more sexuality on the Internet, and maintain friendships through social media, rather than the actual sexual contact”, the medical psychologist.

sources : the Washington Post / the Daily Beast



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