Jihyo Kim is from Busan in Korea and traveling for a month alone through Europe. Paris, Munich, and Rome are your previous stations. However, prior to your return flight from Barcelona to Switzerland is off. Lucerne, Zurich and Interlaken are your goals. Today, the Jungfraujoch is on the phone. For the excursion by rail on the roof of Europe has scheduled a whole day.

The Trip paths to the “Top of Europe”, the self-promotion of the young woman, is Koreans the Trend. Jihyo is on the trail of prominent compatriots: in September, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon had visited the Jungfraujoch. A month later, Rap Monster (real Name: Namjoon Kim), front man of the extremely successful Korean boy group BTS, in the snow on an altitude of 3500 metres scan.

His virgin – and Lucerne-images spread quickly across social networks and were more than received over 640,000 of Time. Not for nothing, BTS was honored at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards as the “top social artist”.

Adventure capital Interlaken

the 21-year-old Jihyo is thanks to Facebook and the Korean Messenger service KakaoTalk with your friends in the distant home constantly in contact, lets you to your Switzerland-experiences. A striking number of young Koreans wander around Interlaken through the streets and 90 percent of the guests of the local youth hostel. Including look dressed Twen-pairs are also in the partner. to invest


climate change in the mountains

The hotel industry has adapted to this Globetrotter. On the Breakfast buffet of hot rice steams, the from the brought canned Kimchi is mixed. “Koraner love active sports,” says Nathalie Röthlin from Interlaken tourism. At the very top of the Paragliding from Beatenberg, as most of the tandem flight carried out, and Canyoning in the summer.

Three times more Arabs than the German

Interlaken is relying on visitors from Asia. According to the statistics stopped in 2016, stayed twice as many Koreans like German in the Swiss town between the lakes of Thun and Brienz. More Indians (46.000) spend the night here, are only surpassed by the Chinese (119.009) and Arabs from the Gulf States (123.000).

“The number of coaches goes back for years,” said Röthlin. The Trend of individual rice continued to intensify. Rather, the Chinese people in groups. The tourist office gives the Locals even tips in dealing with the Chinese guests.

“Asians do not exist,”

This sentence is read in a brochure for Locals. It further States: “the Chinese are Chinese, Koreans are Koreans … all of them do not want to be with other confused.” Specifically to receptionists in Hotels of note: “The number 4 is considered unlucky number. You can avoid it, if possible, to give the Chinese a number of rooms, which includes a 4. In contrast, the numbers 6, 8, and 9 are lucky numbers.” Similar tips are also available for dealing with other Nations.

in Front of the Hotel to the bus stop two guests from the Emirates. “We love the weather here,” said Achmed from Abu Dhabi. At the end of November in Interlaken, grey, sky overcast, and the Thermometer reads three degrees plus. Such low temperatures, he and his half-veiled woman never experienced before. “Tomorrow we want to go to the Jungfraujoch. We have never touched snow.”

+++ you can also read about climate change in the mountains: “to invest In snow cannons is madness” – An Interview with geologist, photographer, and climber Ralf Gantz horn +++


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