Yes, it’s incredibly annoying: You have shopped for a wonderful holiday in the past few days, happy for a few Souvenirs, and then the case is suddenly much more full than the arrival. And this is not just a sinking feeling, white the lid is biased – that is confirmed on the return flight at the Airport, also in hard Numbers, if the Luggage piece lands on the scale, and the man jerks at the counter with an eyebrow. Weight limit exceeded – excess Baggage. Darn. That will be expensive.

Excess Luggage is an expensive Nuisance

it was John Irvine from Scotland. The man from Glasgow had been with his family on holiday in nice and wanted to return back home. But at the airport he noticed that his suitcase for eight pounds a lot of wog. How exactly did this happen, do not know the Irvines. That they did not want to pay expensive extra fees that the Airline demanded of them, that the saving seeds knew Scots but exactly.

The 17-year-old Josh Irvine, son of John, could hardly believe how his father solved then the Problem: “The girl at the counter asked us if we wanted to pay an extra fee. My father just looked at her and said: ‘Bunny, watch me.’ Then he flipped open the suitcase, and 15 sweaters one after the other via moved swiftly, in order to reduce the weight. I was laughing so hard my Ribs hurt.” However, not only Josh had to suffer. Also, Papa John is likely to have regretted his idea, at least briefly, At 30 degrees in nice, he began to sweat immediately and violently. Not a pleasant idea.

The Security held John for a smuggler

Apparently, the airport staff took the bizarre scene with a sense of Humor. “The employees no longer were going to get even,” said Josh. But as it relaxes, the baggage still supply, so critical was it to lock a little later at the security. “When we tried to get through the Security area, it was difficult,” said the 17-jährge Josh in an interview with “Metro UK”. “The thought that my father would smuggle in all its jumpers something. Fortunately, we came through in the end.”

the story was not over but still. Son Josh had the whole procedure (of course, he is finally filmed 17) with the Smartphone and posted it enthusiastically on his Social Media channels. From there, the crazy Clip of his father spread rapidly. John Irvine from Glasgow to a small Internet-hero. First of all, it was his father, “very uncomfortable,” said Josh. “But at some point he had to laugh a bit after he had looked at it a couple of Times.”

sources: “Metro UK” / Twitter



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