no one knows exactly for how many centuries, donkeys on Santorini are used to carry on your back people from the port to Fira, one of the main places of the island, which lies 400 meters above sea level. But, when it comes to Nikos Zorzos, mayor of the highest-altitude town. 600 in serpentine-scale steps and Fira from the place where every day up to 17,000 tourists cruise ships leave, the landing there. Tourists, who often suffer from Obesity, and on the back of the animals up to the place. Which has a direct impact on the well-being of the donkey: injuries to the spine, from the saddle wundgescheuerte and fatigue have increased in recent years with the animals.

“put yourself in their Hooves” is the Credo, with the sensitivity of tourists to be awakened. After many summers of suffering, animal rights activists have become active and were able to win the cruise industry as a sparring partner. The result is an unprecedented awareness-raising initiative, the traveler makes clear, what kind of Stress the animals are exposed to the dizzying track with your oversized human cargo.

“The campaign starts now”

Already a few months ago, the project had been planned, now it is to be implemented. “The campaign starts now,” said mayor Zoros to the British “Guardian”. “Representatives of the cruise company were here this week in my office, and have promised to make. We will distribute Information leaflets. Donkeys and mules are part of our Tradition. In particular, younger owners have understood that you have to take care of you.”

The anger over the plight of around 4000 animals grew, as reports of abuse and neglect of their way in the social media were effective in overweight cruise ship passengers underscored by the photos on their backs. The media Outcry prompted the Greek government to adopt a law that a load of more than 100 kilograms, or one-fifth of your own body, said weight as is inadmissible. Although not directly related to leisure, reference was made, was understood to be the regulation as a prohibition for the pet owner, and the donkey with overweight tourists.

“On your hooves” to encourage tourists to walk or to use the cable car,

“On your hooves”campaign followed, after they had received massive complaints from passengers about the attitude of the donkeys on Santorini. On 2. In April, they confirmed Firas mayor to show on Board their ships to Europe for an animated Video that brought out the British animal protection Association. Further, the number of tourists allowed to go to Santorini on Land should be limited to 8000 per day.

With these two measures is expected to win the island for a good chunk of your beauty back and cruise operators to secure long-term is a popular travel destination.

source: “Guardian”



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