shot Than you would with a giant rubber slingshot in the sky: From a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in just three seconds. The only tip create otherwise sports cars such as the 640-horsepower Lamborghini Huracán. At the end of the range is the luxury of carriage, however, not 400 meters above the ground – the only gliders. Above, there is no noise, only the noise of the wind, a magnificent view and the feeling of freedom arrived.

sailing is one of the most beautiful Hobbies in the world is to fly the glider. Who wants to find out for yourself, this weekend in Hamburg to an exclusive event with the opportunity to do so. What is the training cost and how long does it take? There are health requirements? Of time compatible effort with my family life? And anyway: Why is gliding team sport called, if only a maximum of two can sit in and not move?

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These questions, the experts of the Hamburg Aero club answer Log on to the 14. April 13 at in the club house of the HAC. Those interested need to register via e-Mail (, because after the theoretical part of it goes to the planes and on a guest flight over the nature reserve Boberg dunes with views down to the Elbe Philharmonic hall and the Alster lake.



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