Saho / Saaho Day 12 Collection: It is no secret that Saaho’s Monday collections are dead rubber and it has become even worse on Tuesday. The occupancy is too low and the film is being removed from many theatres day by day.

As mentioned in our day 11 collections article, Saaho might see its closing this Sunday. You will be able to know its lifetime collections by Sunday. Experts say it might be anywhere between 330-350 crores net. Anyways, here are day 12 collections.

Sahoo / Saaho Day 12 Collection:

Saaho Collections

Saaho Day Wise Box Office Collections

Day 1: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 89.00 Cr
Day 2: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 55.10 Cr
Day 3: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 56.78 Cr
Day 4: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 28.80 Cr
Day 5: Total World-Wide Collections: ₹ 15.60 Cr
Day 6: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 12.28 Cr
Day 7: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 10.80 Cr
Day 8: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 9.05 Cr
Day 9: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 9.75 Cr
Day 10: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 10.25 Cr
Day 11: Total World Wide Collections: ₹ 4.00 Cr

11 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 305.60 Cr
11 Day World Wide Gross Collections: ₹450.00 Cr

Saaho Day 12 World Wide Collections (Net)

Telugu States: 1.4 crores
Karnataka: 0.5 crores
Tamilnadu: 0.7 crores
Kerala: 0.5 crores
Hindi Markets: 1.2 crores
Total India: 4.3 crores
Worldwide: 5 Cr

Total 12 Days World Wide Net Collections: ₹ 308.10 Cr Crores

It’s evident that other movies that are released this week have effected Saaho.

With tough weekdays ahead, Saaho needs to collect a share of 290cr to get breakeven. What do you think? Will it be able to do it? Do let us know by writing in the comments section below. Stay tuned to our site for more updates on Saaho.

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  1. The worldwide net figures that you mention seem to be incorrect. These are all languages India net figures, for ex. The 89 Cr of day 1 is India nett of all languages. The All India nett for all languages stands at 298.5 Cr approx till 10th September. The worldwide nett is more than 308 mentioned here.

    Also the Worldwide gross figures are escalated . The worldwide gross is around 410 and not 450 as mentioned.


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