On Barcelona’s most famous construction site must be worked after 137 years, now finally official: Barcelona city Council granted for 4.6 million euros, the building permit for the Sagrada Familia, the unfinished Basilica by Antoni Gaudí, such as city planner Janet Sanz announced. The approval is valid for seven years, until then – until 2026 – to be completed in the building. Since then, the anniversary of the death of gaudí marks the one-hundredth Time.

the reason for this is that the Sagrada Familia was built so long without a permit, is located in a historic misunderstanding: The authorities had discovered only in 2016, that Gaudí in 1882, had begun without any permit with the building of his Church. Three years later, he applied for a building permit, but never received an answer. That didn’t stop him from continue to build until he was captured in June 1926 by a tram, and a few days later died.


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According to the approval of the Sagrada Familia may not be higher than 172 meters, the Budget was set to 374 million euros – the construction is financed exclusively by donations and entrance fees. During the negotiations with the construction company, mayor Ada Colau was, moreover, a further 36 million euros will be invested in the reconstruction of the environment and the maintenance of the Basilica.

The Sagrada Familia is the most visited landmark of the Catalan capital. In 2017, the Unesco world heritage site were 4.5 million visitors. However, the most famous site in Spain is not without controversy: In the 1960s, collected in an action signatures to stop the construction – it is an open letter was even published in a daily newspaper. In 2008, a group of 400 Intellectuals, including architects and actors called for a halt to construction, with the reason that the Church will “for the tourism kidnapped”.

sources: AFP news Agency, “daily Gazette” (in a Webarchive), “La Vanguardia”



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