Lenore, Steve and Ralph are a “proud neuro-diverse family”, as they call it. Because of the small Ralph has a Form of autism. His mother describes it on Facebook as follows: “So wonderful, loving and intelligent, Ralph is, sometimes he has to fight with (don’t we all?). And if he struggles the most with, then he can get something known as the ‘autistic collapse’.”

The mother warns us not to confuse such an attack with a conventional child’s tantrum. It was a cry for help, because he could not regulate his feelings in such moments, independently. And just as a seizure Ralph had, according to his mother the other day, in a Universal theme Park in Orlando, Florida. She describes the incident, because she was so inspired by a local staff member and how she responds to her son. Your Facebook Post is already of 29. May, in the past few days, the Posting went viral, the father of the family spoke with CNN.

Ralph was pleased, therefore, already the entire visit about the most on the Spider-Man ride. His parents had assured him that it would be soon. Finally, they had arrived at the attraction, and had made Ralph’s special Ticket for people with disabilities, so he didn’t have to wait in the queue (so it lasts according to the mother as long as with all the others, he can only wait in a separate room).

The disappointment overwhelmed the small Ralph

After 15 minutes, they came finally turn, however, shortly before the Boy can get in have, there was a Defect, and all had been asked to get off. Then, Ralph had collapsed. He was screaming and sobbing on the ground, while the people getting off the train and around it had to go. His parents had desperately tried to get him to Stand up, but nothing have helped. The disappointment was too much for Ralph.

nine-year-old Boy

George is autistic – in a touching Video he explained to his classmates what it means

at that precise Moment was an employee of the amusement Park started to come and have the parents insured that Ralph quietly lying on the ground could, if that was the place where he is now wool. Then I put the wife to him on the floor, for him to talk, that it was okay to be sad and angry and that he should just let it all out. For several minutes you’ve spent with him on the floor until he had calmed down again. Then, you have led him by the gift shop and told him he could pick anything under 50 euros. But Ralph had chosen for a pen, a pad and a small trailer.

I would like to share something incredibly special with you all. A day we will never forget. Today we took our little…

Posted by Lenore Koppelman on Tuesday, 28. May 2019

the mother and father are full of praise for the young woman who had been in the Park for her son and felt touched by the woman, but also other employees of the Park were met. “We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks for that, that you realized what is Ralph for a great and wonderful child who has struggle with some things,” writes the mother on Facebook. Under your Post, more than 100,000 reactions, around 10,000 comments and 40,000 Shares (as of 10. June).

sources: Facebook / CNN



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