The flight number 459 of the Hawaiian Airlines starts daily at 15 o’clock in the afternoon in Honolulu and ends up on the evening of the next day, at 19.30 local time in the South Korean capital of Seoul. However, at 27. February, the ten-hour flight had to be aborted prematurely and the Airbus A330 will return to his departure airport.

The reason: Among the 263 passengers, a passenger, had plenty of consumed alcohol and abusive was was. “The Prosecutor’s office says the 48-year-old South Koreans have been drinking before the flight, a bottle of whiskey and, later, a child is being harassed, who was sitting next to him”, reported the newspaper “USA Today”.

High bill from Hawaiian Airlines

so after About four hours of flight time, the “unruly passenger was referred to” as the troublemakers in professional circles in English, fisticuffs, and also to the cabin Crew, the pilots, for safety reasons for a crash of the flight decided. The long-distance machine flew back with a 180-degree turn and returned to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on the island of Oahu, the main airport of Honolulu.

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“I saw the feet of the Stewardess that was ripped from the plane”

By Till Bartels

The 48-year-old rioters could be held on the flight back to Hawaii, through the Intervention of soldiers who were also aboard the plane, in check. After landing against 20.40 PM, the offender was handed over to the local Sheriff and other employees of the FBI and customs.

Now he was sentenced to a penalty of six months in prison. He also has to pay an invoice in the amount of 172,000 US dollars to the airline. This sum is calculated from the cost of the nights accommodation through the flight back to Hawaii, additional hotel and for a replacement Crew emerged.

source : “USA Today” / “”

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