Five hours rolls Carolin Scholz in your station wagon through Germany, of Neuenhagen, near Berlin, in the Hessian Sontra. There, with his breeder, waiting for Cooper to Caro. The eight-week-old black fur bundle of rich eight pounds of piss on the return trip every half hour in the kennel. Puppy bladder. Dog and woman enjoying the first hours on the resting place of meadows, Caro happy with coffee from a paper Cup, Cooper with food from the travel bowl. If Caro looks on the highway in the rear-view mirror, she realizes that Cooper’s character matches his determination, so calm and relaxed the Labrador lolling in the rear. At home, the idea became a certainty: The giant puppy spends the first night of fearless on the living room sofa, either on Caro’s face, or the belly of your live-in partner Nick Kurbatsch. It make you feel happy and sad at the same time. Because it’s love at first sight, but on time.


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Cooper, who will be trained to become a guide dog for the blind, only to spend the first year of life in Caro and Nick. Then he is old enough to take care of his two mentors in the pack in a dog trainer Susanne gruening, the GG dog clothes school in Berlin and start his training. If all goes well, he will be with for about three years as a Partner of a person with a visual impairment. Because you picked him from the litter on the basis of his character. Dog trainers are oriented primarily to the Serenity of the puppies. You are a little Jumpy, clever, eager to learn, chasing toys will not want to let Strangers Pat? Then there is a high probability to become a good guide dog for the blind. Caro’s and Nick’s task, however, is Cooper’s care and socialization, as long as he is still so small. You accustom him to different situations, promote the ability to relate to people and prepare you for subsequent training. On a voluntary basis. Sponsors are provided with only the feed and the veterinary care of the dog. A training, you don’t need for this Job, only good will and appropriate housing and living circumstances. And the willingness of the dog after a year to give away. Even if they wanted to buy it, because you have won it in the joint time to love: no Chance of suitable dogs for the Blind to value. “There are certainly sponsors who have offered us already,“ says dog trainer Susanne gruening.

Here it goes only to the support of people with visual impairment

Why so Caro and Nick to do that? “Admittedly, we have something to be afraid of the Moment that we have to give Cooper. We remain, however, if possible in contact with him and help people.“ Your only drive? The 32-year-old wildlife biologist is working with help dogs at the Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and wildlife research in Berlin. “This has finally brought me to the idea of sponsorship to enter. Here it goes only to the support of visually impaired people. However, there is an additional bonus: We will forget this year, never. And because we want to, soon, children and a dog, we thought: Now or never.“ It-ISM is so much the ideal behind this task, and of course a lot of work. Cooper takes in the first dog of the year, training sessions to focus on the future training prepare. Foster parents Carol and Nick meet regularly with the dog trainer at selected Spots such as the Forum shopping centre in Berlin-Schöneberg. It is ideal to make Cooper with the city life. With Susi Grünings dog Happy, already in training, and another sponsor, with four-legged friends: Tim Kaßner and dog Moe from Paderborn. On the way to a first training session: A Horde of football fans blocked the stairs to the outside. The dogs Cooper, Moe and Happy trot casually to the bunch over the direction of the light transition. One with the asterisk! Thus, the three understand how to display a Hupfer, where the traffic light button sits, is the dog trainer treats into the gap next to the switch. Moe looks irritated from the big Labrador eyes: Normally you don’t want to jump, guide dog for the blind as a rule. Here! A set that treats caught, well done.


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So you have to learn this? Usually. But for Susi Grüning is a risk. Guide dog trainers are looking for the puppy specifically in the case of a breeder you trust, but sometimes an animal is, after a year, but it is not suitable for: joint problems, too scared, too stubborn. Then sponsors will be allowed to keep the dog for a small fee. A loss of business for dog trainers. The already roughly 3000 Euro spent are just gone. Sometimes there are sponsors who do not want to separate from your protégé and make him aware of Tricks to teach to fetch a Ball. With a visually-impaired on the crockery, such a hunt would be driving fatal. If sponsors do so, it helps anything unfortunately, these dogs are then trained elsewhere, for less demanding activities. The previous work, however, was in vain. A lot of responsibility for Caro. “This is about more than personal sensitivities. In addition, we have completed with the instructor a contract, what will we do with the animals, or what we must never do. Unfortunately, not all stick to it.“

Hard samples for the dog’s nervous

The three sponsors in the Berlin shopping center model will work, however, addresses. At the door arrived, must not be afraid of their dogs in front of it. Happy running up bravely. For it is primarily important to pass the door so that later on, your blind escort remains outside, while the Labradoodle carousel rides. Hardly the challenge is mastered the revolving door, waiting for the next: children fighting in front of the Labrador noses with toy swords. A tough test for the dog nervous. Continue past the escalator, which may control the three under any circumstances, guide dogs for the blind have already lost toes, and the direction of the glass Elevator. That’s enough. Just Happy to still display with the chest on the circular stone bench where you can sit down. Cooper lays meanwhile, his dog’s snout on the beige-colored pants happened to be in front of him, seated lady, who charmed him instantly with the head pats. To your upper arm with a yellow bandage with the three black dots. As both of them knew that they are meant to be together. Godmother Caro explains to the wife the incredible coincidence, and whom she caresses. The is enthusiastic: “I would like that.“

In Germany, unfortunately, is not easy. The state shows little interest, although the animals could allow the Blind to lead a relatively normal life. But the training is expensive. Health insurance Fund guide dogs for the blind after someone with a visual impairment has submitted a request for a previously selected, by a certified trainer, fully trained dog who pass the health test, and this was granted. Not infrequently, the Blind received the following announcement: A floor is sufficient. Dog trainer like Susanne gruening hold the 30000 euros for food, lessons and rides, until the conclusion of the training. Sounds like more of any secure business. “But it’s not about that. With the dog, we passed a considerable measure quality of life.“

“Some of the behavior we need to show him, however,

For Cooper to work off some“ it looks good. Just like in the shopping center, he behaves well at home, on walks in the rural area around Caro’s house: exemplary. He rushes over the green hills in new Hagen, birds, or the horses in the paddock, he barely noticed. The latter snorting also disinterested white clouds of Breath, while the dog weitertrabt the dirt road. “Some of the behavior we need to work off some reject him yet,“ noted Caro. What is clear, than pull a few riders, including horses to Cooper over: He finds the group of highly interesting and runs happily next to her. The people are amused back on the horse less. So swiftly distance with muttered apologies. Caro’s mental note: be sure to Susi to tell the tale. Because godparents undertake to reimburse as many different things with the dogs to the company and the trainer on behaviour report. Also the Labrador’s idea, he would be a wind-catcher for the gap under the front door, could develop for a Blind to the Problem. On the way in the garden, Caro has to slide the door along with 35 kilogram dog. A bored glance from Cooper’s side while he wipes off with the belly on the tile floor. For someone without sight, the dog will pose a tripping hazard.

And what is your perception of the visually Impaired, the animal help? The first Chairman of the German blind dogs e. V. Andreas Accelerated by the can hardly see. “With the floor I’ve keyed me from obstacle to obstacle. With a dog I could walk, suddenly again in the same pace as prior to my blindness. This is fantastic.“ This is not the only advantage: “Sometimes people get in the way, to test if I really can’t see. With my dog, don’t you dare. Nevertheless, the visually impaired and sponsors must be clear that you do not get a Navi unit, but a living dog. Including hair on the furniture, trips to the Toilet and Craving for Affection.“

emergency support

First aid for the dog, not as correct

it is Observed Cooper in his temporary home under this point of view, is the occasional exhortations. The black Labrador gallops through the drizzle. The non-paved trails behind the house are muddy. Be quiet bell tinkles on the neck, so that blind places can take him out later. Then, when coffee, the smell of wet dog about Caro’s living room. In the tub towels are the mud of the paws. For godfather a lot of effort and for the visually Impaired is a complicated bit of cleaning. Not to forget, the emotions, the connect dog and caregivers to each other. It is not the four-legged friend as a Google Maps App. Caro looks thoughtfully at the not-so-little Cooper. “To me the day of our departure is soon.“

But all efforts in separation, pain and regulatory hurdles pale in comparison to freedom, which gives a blind dog training a visually impaired person. Andreas Accelerated by the blind dog Association, says: “He is a friend in all life. Why the urgent need for more sponsors are needed. Of 150000 for the Blind in Germany, only 3000 visually Impaired have a trained dog.“ There’s a lot of air is up, demand is rising. And Carolin Scholz says: “this is Exactly why we do this!“

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