It is bloody, brutal, and intensely controversial: Every year, hundreds of thousands to Stierhatz come to the Spanish Pamplona. The Event is part of the nine-day festival of San Fermín and each year attracts visitors from home and abroad. Especially young men, drunk with Sangria and wine courage, look in the streets of Pamplona, the thrill.

Regularly be injured, a number of participants from the horns and hooves of the 500-kilogram animals killed at the end of the controversial spectacle of bull-fight. Since 1911, the 15 people were killed.

Stierhatz of only 2 minutes and 23 seconds in duration

On the second and third day of the infamous Bull run in the Northern Spanish city of Pamplona, a total of five participants were injured. The six powerful fighting bulls and several Leitochsen ran the 875-metre-long route through the streets of the old town up to the Bullring on Monday in two minutes, and 23 seconds. According to commentators, it was an extremely fast Hatz.

In the fishing town of Llanes

insider tip Asturias: Between the raging Surf and the high mountains

among the Wounded were two 45 – and 61-year-old men from the Region who had been wounded in the shoulder or on the head, as well as a 19-year-old woman had sustained injuries to back and neck thereof, the Spanish TV station RTVE reported, citing the hospital.

After the first of the eight bull runs had to be treated on Sunday, five people in the hospital, three of them had been taken on the horns. In the case of the controversial spectacle, to which come visitors from all over the world are injured every year dozens of participants. The last deaths were reported in 2009.

In the run-up had protested animal rights activists against the event because the bulls are dying in the evening in the Arena.

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located In the fishing town of Llanes in the North of Spain: Between the raging Surf and the high mountains tib with agencies


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