yesterday was not a normal flight with vacationers between Spain and Scandinavia. During the flight, the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle, it was a special flight with only the Crew in the Cockpit: a so-called “repositioning flight” – a transfer flight.

Because the plane was not a normal Boeing 737, but a type Max. Since the 17th century. March, applies to all machines delivered the prohibition of a world-wide flight, after a short came in a row to two of the crash: On 29. October 2018 lost 189 people in the Lion-Air-crash near Jakarta in Indonesia and on 10. March 2019 in the case of the Ethiopian Air disaster in Addis Ababa, 157 people in your life.

The machine of the Norwegian started on Tuesday at 6.45 PM local time, in southern Spain’s Malaga, left at San Sebastian, the Spanish air space and flew a diagonal across France to Germany and Denmark travel to Stockholm to continue in Sweden.


The Route of the flight DY8922 from Malaga to Stockholm ends in front of the German air space at Saarbrücken


But the flight with the ID DY8922 didn’t came far: Screenshots of the web pages of and show that the twin-engine Jet flew briefly in front of Saarbrücken loops are still waiting in French air space several, before the pilots abdrehten to the West and to the airport and Châlons Vatry, in the French province of landed. The Website reports, denied by the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), the test flight of the Boeing 737 Max.


The Boeing 737 MAX 8 Observatory of the Norwegian with the recognition SE-RTB rotates loops in the North-West of France, and ends up later at the airport Châlons Vatry


Norwegian belongs in Europe, with 18 machines, of the largest operators of this aircraft type. With the imposition of the flight ban, it did not manage to go all the specimens back to their home airports in Norway and Sweden. In part, the affected machine was parked on the outskirts of the airports of holiday destinations, where fees of 60 euros per hour will be charged.

the flight ban until 8. September extended

Despite the Grounding of the entire fleet the exception of flights of the Boeing 737 Max are still possible, but without passengers. “In this case, the Norwegian government claimed to be from the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) authorized to have been a repositioning flight for the Basis,” writes “This approval prevents the European countries, however, not to deny access to their airspace.”

Boeing 737 Max 8

despair in the Cockpit: Lion Air pilots flipped before crashing in the manual

According to a spokesperson for the German air navigation service compared to the Branchenprotal the request for a “flight of opportunity” for the next day, a 737 Max 8 on Tuesday evening. But the German air space was for the Boeing 737 Max remains “an absolute taboo zone.” Initially up to 11. June temporary flight ban was now up to 8. September is extended.

The U.S. aviation authority FAA expects according to the latest data so that the flight ban on Boeing’s accident-Jet will only be lifted at the end of the year.


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