airline passengers flying these days, with airplanes in the summer vacation, to go on Board the Five-star Airline, more often empty. Not always the desired small meal or a refreshing drink lands on the Chen folding table. Now spokeswoman informed, upon request, a company that in the production sites to the hubs of Munich and Frankfurt an above average number of employees sick have been reported.

in response, Lufthansa would charge Connections with under three hours of flight time only to a limited extent, with drinks and food, said the spokeswoman. For flights more than three hours of flight time, there is the usual supply. You are not doing anything to overcome the bottlenecks.

Trouble for Lufthansa: “We are cooking with anger – LSG – Not4sale”

Apparently there is a connection between the increased sick leave and the sales plans for the LSG Sky Chefs. The Lufthansa group has provided the business area with in the world of 35,000 jobs officially for sale. The operating profit of the division of the last 115 million euros is not enough for the profitability claims of.

airline food in Economy Class: What are the companies under the Motto “We cook with anger – LSG-Not4sale” called Airlines on the folding table serving Fullscreen

in LOT Economy Class: Lviv – Brand

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early in June, employees of the Cateings had to Protest lunch breaks at the locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. “We reject the sale of the LSG decided,” said Verdi Federal Board member Christine Behle. “By the end of 2020 LSG does want to cut 580 Jobs in the kitchen – most of them in Frankfurt,” writes the “image”.

LSG in the low-wage country Czech Republic

From free up to nothing

Like airlines, with the food competition

By Till Bartels

Also, the LSG has opened a new plant in the Czech city of Bor in operation, their employees work significantly more favorable terms. The “image” reported that there are 120 employees, up to 20,000 meals for the Economy Class, a day expected to produce transported by Refrigerated Truck to Frankfurt. This change is likely due to the long load-driving car to be anything other than sustainable.

Specific examples for supply restrictions, not wanted to give the SOLN. Passengers reported that there had been in Economy class, for example, no hot drinks as well as chocolate cuts instead of finished sandwiches. On the flights, Lufthansa invites its guests to apologize for the inconvenience.


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