MSC Cruises is considered the largest cruise line in the world. Each year, up to two new buildings for more than 4,000 passengers in service. On 9. November should be baptized the “MSC Grandiosa” in the port of Hamburg.

The cruise company employs more than 23,500 employees and is part of the MSC Group, one of the largest logistics companies and global container reederein. Gianni Onorato is a division of the managing Director of the cruise. The Italians studied language and literature and Crociere was a long time in the Italian shipping company Costa, before he joined in 2013 MSC Cruises.

Mr. Onorato, you can explain to me why their cruise line has its headquarters in an Italian port city, but also in Geneva, in sight of the mountains?

This is easy to explain: the MSC is still a family firm, founded by Gianluigi Aponte, in 1970, in Brussels. A short time later, he fell in love with a Swiss woman and moved the company’s headquarters in 1974 to Geneva, where we are now, for 45 years a resident.

Each year, two new buildings in service. You do not encounter the boundaries of growth?

no, I’ll give you the facts: There are many cruise ships seem to give, because they are large and very visible. Only 27 million people worldwide book a cruise, but 1.6 billion in business each year, a vacation trip less than two percent. Therefore, there are still a lot of Potential, no matter how large the ships are, and what Segment of the market you are on the go.

The sounds of rapid growth. How funded MSC? You Have A Partner?

Port Miami

cruise capital Miami: Where 15,000 passengers a day

By Till Bartels

no check in, but we place bonds on the Swiss financial market. In addition, there are the shipyards, where we let the ships build, a support of 80 per cent by loans. Therefore, we need to participate in the new buildings with only 20 percent equity.

MSC Cruises has between 2003 and 2013 in sales by 800 percent…

…was the starting point at the time, low. In 2013, we had twelve cruise ships with 1.8 million guests. Now we have set ourselves new targets: by 2027, we will expand the fleet from currently 17% to 27 vessels, six ship classes, and expected to act with 5.5 million passengers.

What have learned to MSC Cruises from MSC Container business?

Cruise and Cargo with your 510 ships are clearly separate fields of business and two companies. At the beginning there is a start-up financing. Today, there are no financial Connections…

… but they don’t recruit ships, the captains of the container?

Clearly, we use these synergies and the vertices in the ports, the built-up the Cargo division worldwide. So we are not starting from Zero and can fall back easier and faster on existing infrastructure.

On-Board cruise ships, it comes to Service – and, thus, well-trained staff. How difficult it is to get good employees. Is MSC Cruises?

We invest a lot in our Crews and have, in addition to the Maritime and technical training center in Italy, hotel schools and training centres in the Philippines, in India and in Mauritius, Brazil and Cuba. Per year need 4000 new employees.

are you in Europe but also in Asia and in South America. You need to adjust the offer to the Board on the regional differences?


the boss of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

This man knows the secret desires of a luxury-passengers

By Till Bartels

We have an international product, and would like to welcome all the Nations on Board. If, however, in a Region of a specific Nation is strongly represented, we adjust the food offer and Entertainment program. In South America there are, for example, more meat, particularly Beef, and in North America more protein in the main meals and less of carbohydrates.

From the season 2020, the “MSC Bellissima will be stationed” in China. Is increased for the Casino? no, this is a legend that has proved so stubbornly persistent as the myth that you have to pay in Switzerland, less taxes. The Chinese market was not working ships at the beginning, especially with the Casino. Now he resembles the other markets: more and more families and Millennials on a cruise there.

MSC expands not only on water but also on Land. Soon, they want to open an own island in the Caribbean.

Yes, in November it will be as far as: The Ocean Cay MSC Marine Resort is a great challenge and to build is much more complicated than a ship.

What can be on an island so difficult? It’s just a piece of nature?

cruise Guide Awards, 2019

the dream ships of the year

By Till Bartels

no, not at all. The island was a ruin, a former Mine, where the finest Sand was mined. Around the island, the sea full of scrap metal, we had to dispose of 5000 tons of industrial waste and the island in its original state.

Turn Ocean Cay in a Fun Park to cruise guests for a day visit?

We have a monopoly on the island of the Bahamas for 99 years, 200 million euros in the renaturalisation of investing and 75,000 native trees and shrubs planted. The beaches in no case will an amusement Park with a Zipline, but an island with a Bay and dream.

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Interview knows: Till Bartels


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