Edyta M. loves her little son. Aleksander has become in January, four years old. He is blond, cheerful, on photos he exudes is almost always hilarious. Aleksander has Down syndrome. And his mother would learn of the pregnancy of would not give it to him today. However, the Test, the Edyta M. probably would have brought clarity, has not been carried out. Now she’s suing the British health service NHS for damages.

The 33-Year-old that just pulls along with her Partner Lukasz C. in London to court, is originally from Poland. During pregnancy and birth, she lived and worked in the UK and was therefore also examine and treat. Edyta claims to have always after an amniocentesis, with the help of a Down syndrome with great security, asked. Directly after determination of the pregnancy, you have raised your midwife for it.

The mother had wished for early on, the Test

The NHS who led the inquiries, says, in turn, Edyta M. did not request this Test when antenatal Screening, although he had been offered to her. In the documentation is even stated in writing: “patient amniocentesis rejected”. As Aleksander was born with Down syndrome, have you regretted that decision, “bitter”, as a representative of the NHS. In the medical records of the birth is noted that the fresh-baked mother was “very upset and angry,” as in the case of your newborn with Down syndrome was diagnosed.

The Alternative was for the parents clear from the beginning: “Mrs. M. had been offered a termination of pregnancy, and you and your Partner Lukasz C., Aleksander’s father, agreed that they would have adopted,” says the lawyer of the couple. But without the proper Test no one knew of Aleksanders a chromosomal disorder, and this possibility is not revealed accordingly. The mother claimed: “I was constantly assured that everything is normal and the pregnancy progressed perfectly.”

The parents had the pregnancy terminated

For this decision, Edyta M. was criticised in the British media, part harsh, around 92 percent of all parents choose in Europe after the diagnosis of Down Snydrom for a termination of pregnancy. In Edyta M.’s case, the current action is acting so strange, since Alexander is now on the world about him and his parents to the Small, obviously very in love. However, the Couple asked for more than 200,000 euros in damages, since the care of the child would cost significantly more than that of a child without impairment.

New perspective on my role as a mother

Caterina Scorsone talks about daughter with Down syndrome and has an important message

Still, however, is completely open, whether the NHS has really made a mistake. The lawyer of the NHS points out that it is “highly implausible” that should have been listed under the doctor that a Test has been rejected if this was the case. He also says: “Mrs. M. must have noticed that the Test was not carried out. Also in your copies of the investigation reports was noted that it had refused the investigation. Apart from that, should you be noticed that you never got the results of this test.” According to the investigation, in the 12. Week, the rules and regulations of the NHS, however, that of Doctors and midwives no longer on the possibility of an amniocentesis should be noted, as this could be construed as harassment of mothers with high-risk pregnancies.

the output of the process is still open

The negotiation will take and it is uncertain whether the Couple will actually receive the required 200,000 euros. But what is for sure is that It has a child. A cheerful and sweet child, that is certainly worth more than a “compensation” of any amount.

sources: “Daily Mail,” / Facebook



  1. Well, this is how family is. Before I had a stroke I was a child prodigy, studying literature, linguistics and philosophy, I remember my mother would wake up to go to work at 7 a.m finding me in my desk, working on a paper or a study. The hour after I had my stroke people disappeared like flies taking off at the sight of motion. This is because a) they don t want to take care of you (well my mother barely took care of herself, this how losers are even when they are healthy) and your misfortune bums them down. You d think being humans they would be all understanding. But, after my stroke I realized people are no different than wild animals, if you get injured your herd will leave you behind. We should teach our children not rely on others, even their mothers. When you are healthy people will be all over you making gestures of loyalty and love, but when you get sick they won t remember your name.


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