With more stringent requirements to contain Mallorca this summer on the infamous booze cruise, Playa de Palma. Therefore, Bars and beer gardens around the party area to the “ham road” in the future, physically from the road will be separated, so that tourists food and Drinks can only control within the Local consume – and the police compliance with this rule.

vodka, alcopops, beer & Co is not allowed to be consumed – as usual – on the often the party, local adjacent sidewalk. In the case of breaches high the threat of fines of up to 3000 Euro. Local residents complain for years about the noise and the drinking excesses in the public space.

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Spain: Palma de Mallorca

one of the most important hubs of the cruise tourism in the Western Mediterranean Palma. By the of almost all German airports are easy to reach the airport, the passengers to travel to and from. The Estacion Maritima in the West from the Port de Palma is situated at seven kilometres from the city centre. Therefore, a Transport with the bus line 1, a Shuttle or a Taxi for a city visit is required.

to enforce the New rules for alcohol consumption in Majorca

the stricter standards, have been declared, the streets around the popular German ball man to “Zonas de Especial Interés Turístico” (areas of special tourist interest), media reported on the Balearic island of citing a communication from the municipal administration. Other parts of the Mallorcan capital, are included, according to the “Mallorca newspaper” in the measure.

Also would be prohibited on the entire Playa de Palma not only ads for alcohol, but also special actions, such as the “Happy Hour”, if strong Drinks are squandered at dumping prices, quoted the sheet of Councilwoman Angélica Pastor. The standards will apply during the Mallorca-the main season from April to September.

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