love is not a prerogative of the youth is to be. Love just happens and pay no attention to time or place. The age of Love plays no role, to prove to the English seniors John and Phyllis Cook. They are 100 and 102 years old. Know and love they met in a retirement home in Sylvania, Ohio. John is a Veteran of the Second world war and, more recently, 100 years old. His present wife, Phyllis, is on 8. August 103 years old. The longevity is apparently in her family: her mother was 106 years old.

The happy Couple went to the municipal registry office to have his marriage register. The Lovers were together for a year and decided to want to get married again. There was told that they could get married on the spot. Compared to the U.S. television channel CNN John says that they had not intended to marry. But the spontaneous offer they would not refuse. “Well, let’s get it over with,” said John to his fiancee, Phyllis, was his wife.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! John and Phyllis met while living at Kingston. At the young ages of 103 and 100 years…

Posted by Kingston Residence of Sylvania on Friday, 28. June 2019

For both it is the third marriage

For John and Phyllis is the third marriage. You survived your previous Partner. They met then in the old age home know, love you to each other. “We are in many ways similar to, and enjoy the company of each other,” says John. Their time together is spent sitting in the sun, to eat together and to your electric wheelchair to drive through the city.

source : CNN



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