We envy the Swedes their grandiose nature: endless forests, 100,000 lakes, 8000 Islands, 350,000 of Elche. In addition, there are in the summer, the phenomenon of the midnight sun, and in Winter, the polar lights Shine in the high North. On an area of 450,000 square kilometers, only 10 million people live. In contrast to Germany, therefore, on one square kilometer instead of 231 is only 23 people.

No wonder that in an international comparison, the Scandinavian country in terms of quality of life ends up regularly on the front seats. Because Sweden is also considered to be one of the safest countries, it is in the case of travelers from Central Europe a popular destination.

slowing down for Stressed

positive effect of a natural can have a near life style to the people, shows an Experiment that was carried out last year in West Sweden: Five participants in a study who work in stressful Occupations abroad, were invited to spend three days in specially-made huts on the shore of a lake, each alone in the midst of nature.

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

Sleep in the freezing cold: Europe’s coolest Hotel

By Till Bartels

As the accommodation huts with walls and Ceilings made of glass were used. They were built to Henrik Holm, a private island two hours North of Gothenburg. In the transparent 72-Hour Cabins, a taxi driver from Paris, moved, among other things, an event coordinator from New York and the COP Steffi exchanger from Munich.

After the 72-hour stay, Steffi was deeply impressed: “The beauty and tranquility of untouched nature, far from mass tourism”, it had done to her, just as “the deep Green of the trees and crystal clear water in the lake to drinking water quality.”

reduction to the Essential

With stress researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. They found that in all subjects after three days, the systolic blood pressure decreased by 9 percent. During the stay, “I had time, about me and my life to think about. Things I do currently, to question,” says the Munich. Her conclusion is: “In the future I will plan my holidays to be different, even if only for a short time. Rest and relaxation can be found in nature and not in the hotel resorts.”

Starting in may can be rented from the glass cabins of everyone. The price for the “72-hours-cottage” is 650 Euro for a single occupancy including full Board, or 390 Euro per Person in double occupancy for three days.

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