“Why don’t you go back,” tweeted U.S. President Donald Trump a few days ago in the direction of several Democrats with a migration background in the Congress. At a campaign event chanting people in the audience now: “return them!” (The star reported.) Only one of the four indirectly impugned policy is not born in the United States.

these and similar racist sayings are not back to new, and possibly had to listen to everyone living in the USA African-Americans ever: “you Go in your home” “Go back to Africa”. Although the West is their home.

that’s Why Eric Martin and Kent Johnson have launched a campaign. The two have a company that specialises in travel deals for Black. The Mission of their new campaign, “‘Go Back to Africa” is occupy: the content of the new Phrase, and the beauty of this continent show.


The 35-year-old Martin and the 37-year-old Johnson want to give the phrase “Go back to Africa” in the future, with positive associations. You’ve called black’s easy to add your vacation pictures from Africa the Hashtag “GoBackToAfrica”. On a web page, all of the snapshots that make really fancy a holiday on the continent cavort subsequently.

there are pictures from Morocco:

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Marrakech is supposedly a good place for digital nomads on a budget, but does anyone know how the internet is there? Any recommended co-working spaces? …. 📷 @spirited pursuit — Here’s the thing about inspiration: it has to find you working 💙 // #spirited pursuit #theblack travel club #theworldisyours #black travel #traveling while black #travel photography #wanderlust #travel blogger #travel #gobacktoafrica

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And from South Africa:

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#GoBackToAfrica On top of the world🌍 I had the best time ever in South Africa, Cape Town. Every day what a great experience, we had so much fun from dancing every night, swimming in the Atlantic ocean, buying from street markets, learning at Windermere Primary school, going to the Aquila safari, spending time with friends and family and feeling free on top of table mountain. Thank you aunty @cadifester for being so kind to us ❤ Africa is a beautiful continent and l really look forward to seeing other countries in Africa. I am very grateful 😊

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Or from Zimbabwe:

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it is advised If individual countries are still no images have been posted with the Hashtag, on the Website: “There are no images to Mauritania”, said then – connected with the request to post photos. Because all the 54 countries of the continent should appear under the Hashtag.

“This comment is not new to black people,”

The campaign of “Black & Abroads”, the travel company of Martin and Johnson, has been in the past month, with the Cannes Lions award.

Johnson said, “CNN”: “As we have begun to make people realise how often this Phrase is used, they believed us so right, and so it was for the credibility of the campaign, somehow, as President, Trump said, in Essence: ‘you Go back to where you came from’.” His business partner Martin referred to the statement of the Trumps as “baseless” and “ignorant”. “It’s a common figure of speech for racist trolls and Hypocritical,” he added. This comment was for black people is not new. He will use people to their racism to Express.

This set of the negativity, which is a goal of the campaign. The other: Martin hopes the perception of Africa in the world to change #GoBackToAfrica. Those who use this Phrase in a racist way, she should know that Africa is a continent with 54 different countries, tastes and cultures. “We bring the set to a place where there is happiness, joy, and beauty,” adds Martin. So it will be no negatively connoted use of a set more.

sources : CNN, weareblackandabroad.com, gobacktoafrica.com

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