Germany has become for LGBT travelers, so in comparison to the previous year, something dangerous. In the Gay Travel Index, produced annually by the Berlin-based travel portal, “Spartacus”, slipped the Federal Republic of Germany from third place to 23rd place. In the Ranking of Plus – and minus points for the legal situation in the individual countries, the degree of discrimination and violence against homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender distributed. As reasons for violence increase against LGBT persons in the Index”, ( … ), the Lack of a modern legislation against Trans and intersex, as well as a lack of plan of action against homophobic violence”.

in 2018, came to Germany on nine points, 2019 is only seven. Also in the USA and Brazil, has worsened the situation for homosexuals, triggered by the right-wing conservative governments in the two countries.

More violence against homosexuals in Germany

in addition to the previous tip of Sweden and Canada tabs Portugal is now in the Index at the very front, thanks to the new laws, for more equal rights of Trans and intersex. The year before, Portugal had still stood on place 27. Even after India, Gays and lesbians can now free to travel, there is homosexuality, since the passed year, is a punishable offence.

The most dangerous for queer people of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Chechnya. The country in the Caucasus stands on the last place of the 197 countries comprising the Index. In Chechnya, homosexuals are persecuted sexual massif, there are reports of torture and killings. For the Gay Travel Index the Spartacus editorial team evaluates annually, among other things, information from human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch and the UN campaign “Free & Equal”. Also crime statistics are included where available. However, criminal offences will not be charged with a homophobic Background in many of the countries separately.

sources: Spartacus, Gay Travel Index



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