A tragic incident has overshadowed a cruise on the North sea: On the “MSC Meraviglia” is gone on Friday, a woman on Board and died. The ship arrived Saturday at its destination, the port of Kiel,. “We are deeply affected by this incident, and speak to the family and Affected our sincere condolences,” said the cruise company MSC Cruises.


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The incident occurred according to the shipping company on Friday afternoon at 12.45 o’clock in the Skagerrak between Norway and Denmark. The passenger had voluntarily jumped during the journey to Kiel on Board, was informed by the shipping company according to your findings. “The security systems of our ship, and the ship’s command reacted immediately, effectively, and appropriately.” Within a few minutes the ship had changed its Route and went back to the place where the incident occurred.

the woman died despite the rapid rescue action

The ship’s management has received, according to the shipping company of the Norwegian Rescue centre in Stavanger excellent support. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) established a with thermal imaging cameras-equipped helicopter. Also, the Danish coast guard deployed a helicopter. In addition, a fishing boat and a sail boat were involved in the search.

Despite the quick rescue, the woman had suffered fatal injuries, was informed by the shipping company. She was flown to the hospital in the Danish city of Aalborg. Their identity is clarified, however, that she should be on Monday, without a doubt, from your family to be identified, said a police officer in Aalborg on Saturday.

ship met in the Morning in Kiel

The ship was on time in Kiel arrived and was currently being handled, informed the security service of the port in the morning on request. The ship had arrived in the Morning and should make it to 19: 00 on the Eastern shore feast.

The case is reminiscent of the missing Ex-TV-Star Daniel Küblböck, who had gone in September 2018, during a cruise from Hamburg to New York in Newfoundland on Board a ship. At that time, there was reason to believe that the 33-year-old singer jumped on Board.

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