It was a seller from the Duty-Free zone, found in 1986, a small boy in the ladies ‘ room of London’s Gatwick airport. Dressed with a Onesie, wrapped blanket in a plaid baby, without any reference to his mother. The ten-day-old Baby for the time being, the name Gary Gatwick, was then called and is still referred to as the mascot of the airport. In the meantime, the Baby is a 33-year-old man who was called by his adoptive parents, Steve Hydes. Steve always had the desire to find his birth mother, and pursued this goal in the past 15 years, by all means. Now he announced that his search was successful: thanks to the elaborate work of two genealogists, his biological parents were able to be determined.

Hi guys, Some good news! After 15 years of searching I am happy to confirm that with the very hard work of Genetic…

Posted by Gary gatwick airport baby abandoned on Saturday, 11. May 2019

“After 15 years of searching I am happy to confirm that we were through the hard work of genetic genealogists CeCe Moore and Helen Riding in the position to determine my birth family,” writes Hyde in Facebook. “Unfortunately, my birth mother is deceased, so I can’t figure out what exactly happened and why.” The reasons why his mother has him back at the airport, left, will learn Hydes. However, he has received the genetic determination of a large family. “In any case, I have found my birth father and siblings on both sides who all knew nothing of my existence.”

In search of an answer year, helped long determination to work

Using the genealogy DNA can, therefore, be solved only decades-old crimes, but also families are brought together. Hydes stressed once again the fantastic performance: “The work of genealogists, is incredible, you have worked for years so hard on it and thanks to your help cases like mine be solved. To be nowadays people are always on their DNA testing, and I hope that my story helps to draw attention to it, and other babies from being exposed to.”

The British “Sun” said Hyde: “It-is Knowledge. Why it happened, I would like to know. For me, this is a space that seems to be the same for all the other filled in.” Last month Hyde had posted: “Tomorrow it will be 33 years since I was left behind at Gatwick airport. It would be great if I could figure out what time I was born, and what is in the first ten days happened.”

The answer to that has taken his mother with him to the grave.

sources: Facebook, “The Sun”



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