The silver meat grinder buzzes evenly. Michaela Linen to lace, an apron, and grabs courageous, one of the red boxes, which are stacked along the wall between the door and the refrigerator: forty pounds of beef, entrails, and rumen from the organic farm around the corner. “All pieces that would otherwise end up in waste to fat because you the customer or sinewy are. We can use them but still wonderful, to make the meat rations or full menus.” Michaela smiles and puts a piece of liver on a cutting Board, grabs a sharp knife and split the meat. It smells like cold blood. A dog would run along the water in the mouth.


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eight years Ago, the prey, Fox first opened its doors. Then, under different management, and particularly to a critical eye. “A lot of people thought it was a huge crazy idea,” recalls Michaela, who worked then as a saleswoman in the prey the Fox. In the Shop with the blue pillars with a flowers was a business that went bankrupt. Here, of all places, in a somewhat boring residential area in Munich-Laim, there should be a butcher shop, for dogs? Everything was thought out carefully. After Bogenhausen, there are in Laim, the biggest dog density in the whole of Munich. In addition, there was a kind of rethinking: At the dog instructed, more and more holders holding at this time about what Alternatives there are for canned food, after all you never know exactly what’s inside of it. And I don’t know where it comes from. Some of them had heard already something about the Barfen. But how to do that exactly, knew hardly anyone. The time was ripe for the prey the Fox.

Also Michaela Lein fought with the major canned food offer. “My female Golden Retriever ate very poorly. But I still knew nothing about the Feeding with fresh meat, or how it could help us.” Out of curiosity, Flax was discussed. It was a decision that changed the lives of the now 43-Year-old sustainable: “My dog developed finally back appetite. And the more I had to deal with the issue, the more sense it made for me. This has me encouraged to continue to feed fresh.” The Munich was only for the regular customer in the prey, Fox, and hired a short time later as a seller. It is training to become a nutritional Advisor for dogs and cats and for animal naturopath followed. Recently, she also uses Traditional Chinese medicine and herbalism for the four-legged friends. “Our customers, it is often about much more than just the food. Because it’s nice when we can offer you a good all-round package.”

“dogs were already crushed my thing”

While Micah the meat sticks to Stella Sailer bags labels carefully on smaller and larger plastic. “The majority we will be able to fill in portions of 250 or 500 grams, and vacuum it before we put it in our counter. So the meat remains fresh for a long time.” Many customers buy the same for a week, other ordering the goods. About two hundred kilograms per week over the counter, some of it pure, other than ready-made menu, including fresh vegetables and herbs, cooked everything myself. On request, of course you also get larger portions or on the individual needs of the dog matched finished dishes. “Depending on the dog, we mix special Oils, minerals, Seaweed meal, egg shell powder or marine Algae in the court.” Soon, it is to give a real fresh counter without a plastic bag. “A lot of people would take their meat rather directly in the Tupperware container to take home in order to avoid waste. We want to support.”

Stella and Micah, it is important to always be as accurate as possible to the wishes of their customers. The are, in fact, quite critical. “Sustainability and animal welfare are also for dog owners becoming more and more important. Some life, for example, even vegetarian or vegan. The simply have no need to desire more, always between the welfare of your dog or the livestock, from which its food was made, to decide,” says Stella Sailer. When prey Fox all meat comes from certified organic farms from the surrounding area. That means welfare and short delivery routes. “Some economies, even according to the strict Demeter-principle,” explains Stella. Also the butcher for the dogs is wearing an organic certificate and is subject to regular checks to ensure that nothing is adulterated, or mixed.


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The door opens. A large, black curly dog rushes in, followed closely by his wife. Erika Lederer and Benni are regular customers, since Benni moved in five years ago as a puppy. “First of all, we have made a nutrition counseling. My husband and I, it was important to feed our dog from the beginning, appropriate to the species.” Thereafter, Lederer has stayed with the shop and its broad range of loyal. That Bennis food costs in the month 160 Euro, will not bother you. “You are so much money for unnecessary stuff. I save myself and invest in good food for my dog.”

Benni is excited in any case. Straightway he rushes behind the counter to greet Micah. Thereafter, he extensively examined the offer, which is presented in small wooden boxes. At first glance, the sale room is almost identical to that of an Excursion for people in a trendy district somewhere in the city. When Benni discovers a great, dried bones, are the differences significantly. With soaked lips and taut leash, trying to reach him with his teeth. “We leave today, but here!” Erika Lederer calls while trying to load the week’s shopping with one hand in your shopping basket.

Precisely this familial atmosphere, it is love that Micha and Stella at their Store. “When I think about that I wanted to first make something completely different…” Stella shakes her head. A few years ago, she studied in the Allgäu pharmaceutical chemistry, before she left for personal reasons back to Munich. Almost out of embarrassment, she opened the store at the time of your first pet. “In my street to be a store locally empty. And because dogs have always been my thing, I took it.” At the time, their concept, however, was not as clear as it is today.”There was something for everyone.” Two years ago, Sailer, heard, finally, that dhe prey stand Fox for sale. “I hesitated not a Moment.” Michaela took over at that time as the seller. But the two women quickly realized that they can work together to create more, and founded a GbR. “Since then, we decide everything together.” One idea was, for example, the products not only in the Store, but also online. “Some of our customers come from Nuremberg, Cologne and even Hamburg,” says Stella. “Connect your cities or Business trip with a shopping experience with us. Now you can have the food at last throughout the year via mouse click to your home.”

emergency support

First aid for the dog, not as correct

“we are Sometimes accused of, organic Meat for dogs decadent”

But Stella, Michaela, it’s not just good customer service. You want to make balanced Bioernährung for animals is widely known. “Of course, there are also high-quality canned food. But for the majority of the meat is carted off still from all over Europe. For this purpose, the long Transport in a Truck comes down to the individual stores. Sustainably is not.” The animals that end up in loot Fox in the fodder, to be slaughtered in the rule on the spot to your respective yard. “We are sometimes accused of, organic Meat for dogs would be decadent,” says Stella. Can’t you understand the accusation. “We put the dogs Yes no Steak on the plate. We process only what would’ve ended up in the trash. Organs and offal, as well as the sinewy muscle of meat that none of us like to mess around want to chew.” Actually, the two of them, provide only that an animal is really processed makes sense. In the end it is a Win-win Situation: The butcher produces hardly any waste and the dogs can enjoy the best meat in the bowl.

After a good two hours of Stella Sailer and Michaela Flax are finally ready. You have just turned the last piece of meat through the grinder, and welded in. Her sigh echo through the room. Since it is the ring back out of the sale room. A new customer stands in front of the counter. Michaela and Stella greet him with a Smile and scratch him behind the ear. He wags joyfully with the tail.

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