The scenes must have been for all the passengers and crew of the Horror. In March 2018 were sitting on Board a long flight from Manchester route to Las Vegas several men who had been in front of the departure properly, and in the Duty-Free Shop with high-proof alcohol had covers.

“After the Start, the Crew noticed that the crazed group of men disturbed the fellow passengers, because you smoked too much drank alcohol and E-cigarettes,” said the canadian “National Post”. Then the flight attendants took the renegade Troublemakers, who wanted to get together to celebrate the bachelor party of one of your buddies in Las Vegas, the with brought on Board from the eighth liquor bottles: a total of five liters of vodka and Rum.

miss fell to the Rowdies for you. They were hands. One should have resorted to a flight attendant, even under the skirt, a bared his butt said: “Now I’ll make You this flight to hell, so how You made him just for me, to hell made.”

Then a water battle began. Bottles flew through the cabin. Despite warnings by the Crew of Thomas Cook Airlines, which have undergone in the framework Of their education and training, de – escalation training, the ruffians did not calm down. “You can’t tell me what I should do,” cried one of the brawlers, “you are only a Stewardess.”

Eight hours of horror scenes on Board

After the Atlantic was flown over, determined the Cockpit Crew for the flight to cancel and an unscheduled stop in Canada on appeal. But before that, the flyers had to drain almost of 38,000 litres of kerosene, to be able to landing in Winnipeg, schedule.

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riot on Board: The frightening was completed for the five men in the flight Numbers of incidents on a plane

By Till Bartels

After eight hours of flight time. At the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, they were detained by the canadian police and led away in cuffs. Only after the forced pause of three hours, the rest of the passengers continued their trip to Las Vegas. Many passengers had missed their connecting flights. For the Airlines, additional costs were incurred in the amount of 33,000 Euro.

The “unruly passengers”, the technical term for unruly passengers, were flown back to Manchester and to the local police. This week you have been made to the process. The Manchester Crown Court was due to drunkenness in a plane, and because of the disturbance of public order, guilty. The court imposed sentences of between seven months and two years.

“they were a group of loud, adult and drunken men with complete contempt for the other passengers, and misogynist Aggression towards the crew,” said judge Hilary Manley, in her grounds of judgment.

Whether it came after the incident at all to the wedding of one of the persons of the fives group, in addition to canadian, and British media have nothing to say.

sources: National Post” and “Manchester Evening News”

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