As a Hollywood beginning in the 1980s with the Film “Blade Runner”, a view into the then-distant year of 2019 threw were flying cars, of course. Although these are also part of today, not of life, but in the Region of Ingolstadt the Vision of Science Fiction is a bit of a classic in the coming months at least is a reality. Because Airbus wants to test the soon to be air taxis.

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Airbus A380: Why the biggest passenger jet in the world is no longer up to date

By Till Bartels

The European aircraft manufacturer, has just announced a few weeks ago, the end of the largest passenger jets in the world, the Airbus A380, looks like Erzkonkurrent Boeing in the small aircraft, a market of the future. In particular, in cities with Millions of inhabitants should be in a few years, air taxis as an Alternative to driving Taxis, buses and metro. “Both the construction and the operation of which is interesting,” says an Airbus spokesman.

the EU Initiative “Urban Air Mobility”

in Front of several Hundred Interested parties, the group unveiled on Monday at the Ingolstadt town hall square, the city’s Airbus for the first time in the Original. “Looks pretty cool, now he has to fly just yet,” said Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) on the Airbus as a “Demonstrator” designated aircraft. Scheuer stressed that the new technology should be discussed not only about prohibitions, but in particular on the opportunities.

Ingolstadt is one of the model regions of the EU Initiative “Urban Air Mobility”, with the use of passenger drones in an urban environment will be prepared.

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by the air: Boeing’s electric Taxi raises for the first time

By Till Bartels

First of all, the four-seat, electrically-powered Mini-Airbus with four double-rotors, but only on a test site in the neighbouring Manching stand out, where in the middle of the year, the practice tests are to start. Flights over built-up areas are still not possible, because there is as yet no approval for it.

The new air taxi has been built in the past two years at the Airbus helicopters plant in the Swabian town of Donauwörth. Boeing had already made in January in the U.S. the first test flight with the prototype of an Autonomous electric-air taxis. The aerospace giant acknowledged, however, that the biggest challenge with the Transition to the application of various kinds of Flight was still to come.

at the Earliest middle of the coming decade

But it’s not just the air travel industry taxis in the Flight opportunities for the future, also the car industry with mixes. “This is definitely a topic that you can imagine,” says Sandra Courant, the press spokeswoman of the German Association of the automotive industry (VDA).

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Alternative drive systems, part 1

Hybrid aircraft: What comes after the kerosene?

What airplane are driven by motors in the future? With gas turbine, fuel cell or solar power? The first Pilot to circle with a solar-powered aircraft is already on the earth successfully.

By Till Bartels

Daimler has involved, for example, at the Start-up Volocopter can possibly imagine as well as Airbus a regular flight-transport from town centres to out-of-town airports. The Frankfurt Airport is currently examining with the Volocopter is an appropriate project. “We want to be drones, and the flight taxis from the laboratory into the air,” said Scheuer at the end of February to the Start of a 15 million Euro support programme of the Ministry.

The new flight devices are to be seen more as a competitor for the transport by car or public transport than to the classical air traffic. The city Airbus has a range of about 50 kilometers and a car the comparable top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. “Such aircraft are likely to fly from city to city,” said the Airbus spokesman.

Also, the term air taxi is “a misleading term”, since it was not a Taxi. The city Airbus was likely to be on fixed routes from one defined point to another on the way. “You can’t fly individually,” explains Airbus spokesperson.

In any case, it will take some time, to threaten a similar aircraft to go without a pilot in the regular operation. At the earliest, the middle of the next decade, there will be after evaluation of Airbus ‘ European rules for the use of. “Only then air taxis can be used commercially,” says Airbus.

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