Christian Holm is not a man to talk long around it. After the trainer at Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund gauze and compresses the same baskets in the conference room of the ASB in Hamburg-Bergedorf has dragged it down to: “danger zone of the forest.” “I need to take it with my own dog experience. He came running towards me and in his eye, a stick was stuck. There is nothing more, of course, was with first aid.” There was only a veterinarian, but immediately. Who has believed in so far, so a walk in nature would be a wonderful thing, has not yet participated in any First-aid course at the dog.


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Six of the participants squirm in their chairs, even though the thing ran out of lightly. The animal lost an eye, not his life. A similar Situation would imagine no one: The dog is severely injured, and far and wide there is no Savior except himself. A in the round is Bettina, she adopted recently a puppy and want to be prepared for any emergency. “I have concluded a liability insurance for Kalli, go once a week with him in the puppy training.” Now she’s here to hear the Holm of another dog reported that choked to death on his Ball. Bettina remains calm and says: “it’s Better to know what the deal is, as to be completely helpless if something happens.” In the Hamburg district of St. Pauli, where Bettina lives with her four-month-old mongrel, kicking dogs, shard quickly to a glass.

Speed-Dating instead of a First-aid course

leave no one the dramatic anecdotes, Christian Holm told, cold – up to Jule. The black Labrador Retriever is the living model of Exercise and from now on, much getätschelte Star in a circle. Wife Anna works as a volunteer in the canine unit of the ASB: “I think this is a useful task for a dog. For example, if someone from an old people’s home is missed, we will meet, and the animals pick up the scent. For Jule, a use is nothing more than an exciting game.” If you should happen to anything, Anna wants to be able to the animal but help.

“Who knows where to measure the dog’s pulse?”, asks, Christian Holm, quite harmless, while he approaches Jule. The 36-Year-old working as a engineer, family, father, dog owner, and ASB trainers. Pulse take in the dog? If Holm wants to know so, will not be “On the paw” is probably the correct answer. “On the inner side of the thigh,” says the workshop participant Carolin. “Exactly. On the neck to much of the fur is, in fact, to feel something,” explains Holm. Then Jule has to lie down and the Trainer takes your pulse to the right place. 70 to 80 beats per Minute when your size is normal. In puppies it is 90 to 210.

The four-year-old Jule is a friendly animal. She looks a little surprised, but without hesitation, everything. “Suppose I don’t need to bandage a dog, or just his pulse take, but he wants that at all. What do I do then?” Carolin asks, doubting this action is for each dog so easy. For example, because it is a foreign animal? Or because the contact would cause pain? “Good question,” says Christian Holm. “In shock, even your dog will not react as peacefully as we would like. Better to play it safe.” Means: Open Loop. Use for dog Jule. A triangle of cloth, – in case of emergency, it can also be a shawl is folded to form a so-called tie. Anna attaches the animal to the narrow panel of fabric around the foot and ties it carefully behind Jules’s ears. Jule jumps out at her mistress reproachfully, finally, you can not barking, so Yes again. But the strap holds.

You could make the Whole course a little easier, such as other instructors do, and instead of the living object to a Dummy to practice. A copy of such lies limp in a corner. If you would use the bellows via a hose the air in the bottom of the rubber tiers currents can, would it even have a heartbeat. And yet, “fun animal” is all that Christian Holm says. Because he doubts that participants can really actually overcome your inhibitions. “Fear of contact in case of emergency is always a Problem.” No wonder, everyone in the room realizes that even a simple dressing is not quite as easy to create as I thought. Christian Holm examined critically, as one Participant wraps the gauze bandage to Jules paw: “Each claw, the wolf’s claw must be padded so that the bones are not pressed to each other,” explains the instructor. Otherwise, the dog could not run with the Association comfortable. Jule is always lively. The Labrador lady needs to take it for a spin around the room, before going any further. Paralyzed with fear, she stays in front of the Dummy, a nondescript breed, which is vaguely reminiscent of a German shepherd are available for you. The art of dog does not respond to your following attempt to flirt, irritated Jule. Barking she runs back in the circle of chairs and turns around only from a safe distance after the thing. “You can’t distinguish between a real dog and the dummy,” says Christian Holm. Jules reaction is also clear, however, why the participants were allowed to not just your own dog to bring: The event would probably have rather the character of a Speed-Dating event for animals instead of a First-aid course, in which neither man nor animal could concentrate.

wolf hybrid

The wolf dog is in the air. Can survival of this Predator in our latitudes?

The instructor points to a list, which he threw with a Beamer on a canvas. “Who wants to help, needs of course a First-aid kit. In addition to these things on the list, a cannula is inside.” Sounds like it would be over with the relaxation. And time for a bit of a bloody reality, the need to wuppen the software. As a paramedic for dogs, you could call fast, there is not in the normal case. “When it comes down to really is you the Only one who can do something,” says Holm. Sometimes has to be immediate action, for example, in the case of a torsion of the Stomach, the much more likely to happen with bigger dogs than smaller. Therefore, Holm advises not to play after Eating for an hour with the dog. “When around the balls on the ground can turn around otherwise the stomach and that is dangerous to life.” Could see to get to the Drehung in mind that the body inflates as to be clearly visible as a Ball. And now the previously mentioned needle comes into play: “On the way to the doctor, you must take all of fifteen minutes in this ball, the vent Gas.” The participants seems to be a little evil. “Oh, God, I don’t want to experience it safe, to have to Kalli in the stomach sting,” says Bettina.

breathing through the nose holes

an engagement in the First-aid course is not Practiced so naturally. However, the revival seems to be a perfectly feasible thing to find Christian Holm. “Who wants to try it?”, the instructor asks. Everywhere, arms crossed, six pairs of eyes directed on the floor. Self wife Anna is dismissive. Jule is a sweet dog, but since it’s been going on with the anxiety. “No one? Well, then I have to do this yourself.”

What the layman would imagine so mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, can be lively at the faces of the suddenly very interested participants to read: lips to lips? No, or …? “In case of emergency you should raise the dog to ensure that he is unconscious.” General Smile. Jule is on the alert. Holm keeps you gently on the floor. “The mouth is, of course, much too large to cover it with the mouth.” Holm pulls Jules lips and closes the Rest carefully by Hand. “The breathing is done through the nostrils.” And there she is, the first Information about emergency measures, the relaxation of the course participants.

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