An Airbus A330 aircraft of the British airline Virgin Atlantic was on the way from New York to London. Shortly after takeoff, the plane had to make an emergency landing but an unscheduled stop in Boston. Reason is a small fire on Board, such as US channel CNN and the British newspaper “The Guardian” reports.


A Screenshot of the flight tracking service Flightradar24 shows the flight route of the affected aircraft

©Screenshot flight radar 24 Airline fire wants to investigate

the cause of the fire was, apparently, a Power Bank for Charging mobile phones. It was caught between the seats in the first class of the aircraft and would have lit up then, quoted the “Guardian” of the local police. Flight attendants extinguished the fire. Two eye witnesses reported to CNN and the British BBC, however, that the fire be not created by a charging device. The Airline Virgin Atlantic announced its own investigation and said: “The safety of our passengers and Crew is always our highest priority and we are investigating currently (the incident), to the circumstances understand completely.”

The A330 landed safely in Boston, and the 217 passengers on Board were evacuated from the machine. Before the passengers and crew left the plane, the firefighter was looking at the airport the fire. A passenger was treated for respiratory complaints, “The Guardian”. An eye-witness told CNN that it was quiet and not a great deal of excitement had been.

sources: “aeroTelegraph”, The Guardian, CNN, BBC



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