the tower is high, you push yourself through the city. Bending around tight curves, maneuvering. Behind them a loud honk. You have to Park, which doors to go. Tour groups pouring out on the sidewalk, push yourself to the Coliseum. Sometimes a bus driver leaves the engine running, sometimes it stops for a chat with the colleagues of the other bus. It is a scene from Rome, which brings many residents to a white heat. You are upset for years about the coaches to cart the tourists, the masses in the sights and clog elsewhere cities.

Rome has now taken a drastic measure: Since the beginning of the year, no tour buses are allowed to drive more through the historic centre. If you want to unload the people, then in certain Parking places in front of the prohibition zone. There, the city conceded: Up to 30 minutes Parking in the Zone in front of the Colosseum or St Peter’s square cost 240 Euro. Costs are handled at the end of the traveller.

The Eternal city?

Rome disintegrates – Like me, my short-trip

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

It was shocked by the question as to whether “peppered entrance fees to” solve the problem with the masses of tourists, says Nina Jaschke from the Federal Association of German bus and coach entrepreneurs. Much more important is the correct steering of the visit was streams. “When you eliminate buses, then you will often forget to think about the Alternatives.” It does not belong to the Service, that you drop the people two kilometers from the finish. For example, for people with disabilities, long walkways are a Problem.

the Europe-wide Problem

protests of bus and coach operators against entry bans were not only in Rome, but also in Madrid. There buses are allowed to drive, while still in the city centre, you can leave in the centre but not a hold, and passengers are not everywhere – or get out. “It can’t be that we need to let the tourist in km distance from their respective Hotels in the centre fold. Many trucks have a lot of suitcases, children and kids, some are very old,” lamented the Manager of a bus company, Begoña Landa.

over tourism in Europe: These cities suffer the most under the tourist onslaught Fullscreen

rank 10: Nantes, France

as nice as in this photo, it looks only in the few places that are overrun by tourists. Nantes is in Western France in the Loire valley

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In Amsterdam, tourists should come either with the Public in the city or outside the ring of canals on a boat require. The city had asked, on smaller vehicles to move, told Jaschke from the bus and coach Association. “But also the clogged streets.” The Whole thing was “counterproductive”.

In the hall city of 20,000 buses in the year

But not only large cities, a Bus Problem. Example of Hallstatt in Austria. The world heritage site is one of the most crowded spots. More than a Million daily guests, many of them from Asia, and stroll along every year, on the well a kilometre-long lakeside promenade. In Hallstatt itself is only about 780 people live. The place is famous for the oldest salt mine in the world and has been recreated in China, even in detail. Since then, the number of visitors curve shows a steep upwards. From next year, the place wants to reduce the influx now strong and the number of buses significantly reduce.

buses will be allowed to enter the picturesque place on the shore of lake Hallstatt only if you have previously purchased one of the limited available Tickets. Thus, the number of buses was increased in a short period of time from 8000 to about 20,000 in the year, around a third are reduced. In addition, the guests are to stay the sale of the Slots will be longer. “Under 150 minutes, you can’t visit Hallstatt,” says mayor Alexander Scheutz.

Specifically, bus tourists, who were mostly in a pile, and the like, according to the Village, could become a Nuisance. “The inhabitants are not particularly the feeling that the place belongs to yourself,” says the local politicians. For the arrival, he recommends the path. The stops at the opposite side of the lake, and a boat will take the guests to Hallstatt. “That’s very romantic,” says the mayor.

In Rome are the tourists not to climb, in the meantime, on the romantic ships. On small buses. However, this Parking is now in the crowds in front of the sights, and still more Chaos as the coaches.

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These cities suffer the most under the tourist onslaught



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