The death of a child process, is probably one of the most tragic experiences that can a parent in life. Anyone who’s had to experience the loss of a loved one, know how much you will be overwhelmed by the emotions. Initially, the Affected in a daze and the past feel to realize, is hardly possible. At some point, the longing after the deceased people immensely large. The simultaneous confidence that the person never returns, leaves a deep sadness fall. Out of this hole without help, is difficult. It is even more important for those Affected to get help.

just as it is with just the Twitter users BigJogi. He needs to handle as a father, such a loss. BigJogi asked on Twitter whether there were other users whose child had died and how they were dealt with.

the death of a child: “Breathe. It’s just breathe,”

It was followed by very emotional reactions from people offering conversations, or their own blows of fate and experience signs. A Twitter User would like to thank BigJogi that he has shown. This says that the well was his way of dealing with their loss. Another user writes: “I lived in a cloud. Survive. Drink and eat, because it had to be. To shout the desire. Sometimes I did that. Want to dissolve and most of all: nothing more to feel. At some point, it helped to have things to do. My Condolences.” “You survived, because you will die,” says a user has probably experienced something Similar to this, and portrays that he is not just do more, even if he did not know why and what for. He hoped that a hope for tomorrow adult, a Why and What for. Other recommended to seek the help of people with the same fate.

The Tweet of BigJogi was shared up to now, 680 Times and got nearly 800 Likes. The reactions are by the hour. None of the answers will be able to make up for his loss only. Nevertheless, it is in this dark time, a good sign that so many people will offer to help.



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