summer, sun, vacation time – but not for all: millions of German citizens are so poor that they cannot afford any holiday trip. About one in seven couldn’t pay in the past year once a week away from home, such as from data of the European statistical office Eurostat shows. However, the proportion has fallen continuously in recent years. In many European countries, it also looks worse.

In Germany are particularly affected Lone parents. For 31.1 per cent of them have no travel in the past year. “You have to lead the eye: A third of all lone parents are not able to give his children a holiday,” said Left-boss Bernd Riexinger. Even when Alone, it is often scarce: Nearly one in four had to spend his vacation days at home.

“A vacation trip is, for many people, an impossible luxury,” said the social politician of the Left, Sabine Zimmermann. “To be able to not travel, is also an expression of poverty, needs to finally be addressed effectively.”

No holiday pay or 13. Month’s salary Interview

chief strategist Nathan Blecharczyk

Drives Airbnb, the Rent in the amount? The founder is expressed in the stern Interview

The Numbers are collected in an annual survey of material deprivation. In Germany, the situation has improved in the past few years. In 2014, 21 percent of German citizens too poor for a holiday trip were, finally, 14.5 percent.

In the European Union as a whole could afford according to Eurostat, in the past year, 27.6 percent of the people have no one week vacation trip. Higher than in Germany, the rate was about in France with 22.6 per cent, in the UK, with 22.5 percent, and in Italy even to 43.7 percent. The highest share in Romania, Croatia and Cyprus can’t drive, where once every second in the holiday.

in Percentage terms, less Affected than in Germany, in Denmark (12.2 per cent), Austria (12.4 percent), Finland (13.3 percent) and the Netherlands (14.3 percent). For Sweden and Luxembourg, where traditionally, more people on holiday can afford, yet have no Figures.

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1. Phone: A not entirely voluntary digital detox

Paradoxically, the majority of holidaymakers can’t put your Smartphone during the holidays, from the Hand; however, it is at the first place of the ten most commonly forgotten items. The loss often triggers a panic, and the question of how to get back online quickly.

all the people in a rich country like Germany, many lack the money, defendant Riexinger. This is from the perspective of the Left, to the lack of collective bargaining coverage, and low wages and pensions. In addition, many workers get no vacation pay or 13. Month’s salary. “Added to this is a Hartz-IV-System that restricts social participation, and sanctioned,” said the party Chairman.

Hartz IV recipients have much to consider when you want to travel in the holidays. Because, actually, they are supposed to be for the job centres are always accessible. However, a reachability arrangement regulates that data can be up to three weeks in the year, absent without remuneration is to be reduced – if you request it previously. Extra holiday money, there is not.

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