Workshop, 18. 7. 2019, Dogility course in Soest

Dogility, the is adventure, Exercise and brain training all in one. Various obstacles, agility, body coordination, and body be trained in perception. Small acts of courage, the self-consciousness of the dog schools, unfamiliar movement sequences to bring his grey cells on their toes. Since the Dogility instead of fast-paced runs, or daring jumps slow, coordinated movements are available, it is also suitable for puppies and senior dogs, dogs with Handicaps, or large and heavy dog breeds.

location: the shelter, Soest, 59494 Soest, time: 17:30 to 18:30, costs: 50 Euro registration and more information:


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Seminar, 20. and 21. 7. 2019, characters course “animal faces” in Bernau am Chiemsee

As a dog owner, you know the face of their own dog determined quite accurately. Why not bring then paper? To draw the portrait of the dog’s self, is not only fun, but is a special memory or a nice gift. Through the intensive examination of the individual facial features of your pet, you will learn this in a special way to get to know. Using sketches and drawings to the workshop participants a piece of realistic, unique and expressive picture of your pet to approach and implement this with acrylic paints or pastel chalks in a color portrait.

location: the animal master’s house, Bernau am Chiemsee, cost: 180 Euro per Person, registration and more information:

Seminar, 20 learn. and 21. 7. 2019, “the Right to communicate!” with José Arce in Schneverdingen

In the two-day Seminar, the participants of dog expert José Arce will learn how to build on a walk with your dog bonding. The basics of a structured walk are taught as well as the correct handling of the leash. The human-dog-Teams to put the Learned into practice, and the causes can investigate individual problems.

location: Schneverdingen, time: Saturday 10 am to 16 PM, Sunday 10 am to 15 PM, registration and further information by E-Mail to

Seminar, 27. and 28. 7. 2019, “All you can eat?” with Clarissa von Reinhardt in Bernau am Chiemsee

some of the holder desperately that his dog eats everything into himself, what he can only find: stones, cigarette butts, fries bags, paper handkerchiefs or horse apples. Apart from the fact that many people find disgusting, can result in this behavior to serious health problems in dogs. In the Seminar, the participants explore the causes for this behavior, a training programme, with which it can be stopped.

location: the animal master’s house, Bernau am Chiemsee, cost: 180 Euro per Person without a dog, 270 euros per Person with dog, registration and more information:

Workshop 6 learn. 8. 2019, target training for dogs in Schwerte

The English term “target” means target. In dog training, this can be targets for nose, eyes, ears, and other senses, because the Targets are manifold. Their search can be used as a varied employment or meaningful use in the processing of unwanted behavior, or problems in everyday life. In the Workshop, participants will learn the various options of the target training courses and deal with the practical basics, the structure and possibilities of use in the everyday life of the dog.

location: training grounds to protect the road, 58239 Schwerte, time: 18:30 to 20 PM, cost: 70 Euro without a dog, 95 Euro with a dog, registration and more information:

exhibition, 10. and 11. 8. In 2019, My-dog-exhibition in Lübeck

The elaborate framework programme of the My-dog-fair, will attract Four – and two-legged not only with great demonstrations of canine freestyle, Dogfrisbee, or the rescue dog teams. In addition, there is a Dogcasting, dog racing or agility course. The dog has been exhausted, Mr Chen and Mrs Chen to inform themselves at the stands of numerous exhibitors with the Latest news from the dog world, or the best deals for dog beds, toiletries, or pet food shopping.

location: culture yard Gollan, 23554 Lübeck, time: 11 to 18 hrs, costs: 5 Euro/adult, 4 euros/reduced, more information:


Seminar, 10. and 11. 8. 2019, is driving with the family dog in Schwerte

When it comes to the nose, are dogs to fantastic feats. Due to their large number of olfactory receptors, combined with the large effective area of the nasal mucosa of dogs are capable of, smells a differentiated way of perceiving. In this Seminar, the participants in the world of smells and laying the foundations for a targeted work is Driving a dip with the dog. A wonderful field of Employment, in the case of the man and dog can have lots of fun.

location: technology center Schwerte, 58239 Schwerte, time: 9:30 to 17 PM, cost: 170 Euro without a dog, 185 Euro with the dog, registration and more information:

exhibition, 18. 8. In 2019, My-dog-show in Bad Liebenzell

for the twelfth Time instead of My dog-exhibition in the Spa Park of Bad Liebenzell. Numerous exhibitors present their latest products, services and Trends around the dog. The offers range from dog accessories, toiletries, and food up to dog salons, therapists, dog health or dog schools. A framework programme with various Highlights and entertaining performances, as well as Dogcasting, dog race, agility course, canine freestyle, Dogfrisbee and-rescue dog teams completes the offer of Bad liebenzeller My-dog-show.

location: Kurpark in Bad Liebenzell, time: 11 to 18 hrs., cost: 5 Euro/adult, 4 euros/reduced, more information:

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Workshop, 18. 8. 2019, Cavaletti Training with Katrin Heimsath in Schöppingen

Cavalettis that are low bars as hurdles, you know most of the horse sports, the animals are to be put through their paces, build muscle, and to shape the gait. Also dogs with this Form of training is doing well. And not only to those dogs that are actively being used in dog sports, but dogs of all ages and of all races. The work on Cavalettis trains Balance and body awareness. In the Workshop, the participants will learn the basics and various design possibilitiesn for Cavaletti-Training in practice.

location: dog kolleg münster, 48624 Schöppingen, time: 10 am to 16 PM, cost: 65 Euro without a dog, $ 85 with dog registration and more information:

lecture 23. 8. 2019, relaxation for man and dog in Daldorf

The everyday life of a dog can be stressful. He must not be educated, but encouraged, to be challenged, entertained, and optimally utilized. Less would not be? What would make a dog his everyday life? What is stress, duration of stress and sleep deprivation have on health and behavior with our four-legged friends? Dog expert Dr. Udo Gansloßer can provide the necessary information and shows that neuro do not aspire to be biologically dubious look at the addiction, but the relaxed and luxurious Like should be encouraged.

location: experimental forest Trappenkamp, 24635 Daldorf, time: 19 to 22 at a cost of 25 Euro per Person, registration and more information:


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Workshop, 31. 8. and 1. 9. In 2019, the social behavior of dogs affect in Kiel

The communication between dogs is usually relaxed, but can also have their difficulties. Often a dog will appreciate holder, what influence they have on the social behavior of their dogs. In the Workshop, the participants learn about the Essentials of communication of the dog and the human as an amplifier. In the practical part, the behavior of the dogs will be observed, measured, and influenced.

location: companions on 4 Pfoten e. V., 24109 Kiel, time: 10 am to 17 PM, cost: 170 Euro without a dog, 220 euros with the dog, registration and more information:

Seminar, 31. 8. 2019, race customer easy in Bernau am Chiemsee

the dog, the dog is not made the same. There are significant differences between the stove, there are dogs, lap – and-society dogs, hunting dogs, or greyhounds. Anyone who wants to understand the essence of our dogs really needs to deal with the exciting field of Racial studies. Dog expert, Clarissa von Reinhardt, the Seminar recognized FCI breeds, and many other, largely unknown breeds in appearance and behavior, is less interesting. In addition, she explains, to know why hybrids are quite important can be, what race or country beats have joined together.

location: the animal master’s house, Bernau am Chiemsee, cost: 90 Euro per Person, registration and more information:

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in order “To Vorteilsabo

four-legged guests are welcome here: For a perfect holiday with the animal: The most beautiful Hotels for dog and man Fullscreen

Tenerife – Mascots Resort: Have you ever wondered if your dog might want to make without you holiday? Exclusively, be the same? Swim, eat, romp, massage or a new hairstyle to get? Yes, there are now. In Las Zocas on the Canary island of Tenerife, the first luxury opened hotel and Club for dogs and cats. There, the animals make a longer holiday or you will be looked after days. In addition to the water Park, Playground and indoor swimming pool, the dog’s Paradise, offering aromatherapy, hair stylist and puppy training. If you like, you can watch in the Café, such as the four-legged friend in the Pool boiling, or in the in-house Boutique, a new basket to buy. Like Disneyland for four-legged friends with a high fun factor. Starting at about 25 Euro per day. Info:

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