Since the end of last year, the first cruise ship in the world with the “Aida Nova” in use, which is driven by liquid natural gas. However, in the case of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a fossil fuel, its combustion, however, significantly fewer pollutants are released.

Sustainable cross-drives are still long. The exhaust gases from the chimneys of the luxury liner, the stones charge the air in Europe’s port cities, documented in a study by the European Federation of Transport & Environment, a partner organisation of the nature conservation Federal Germany e. V. (Nabu) in Brussels.

Alternative drive systems, part 3

circuit with heavy fuel oil: When cruise ships spin, no dirt and more

By Till Bartels

For the first Time, a study to be able to assign the pollution also specific providers. The investigation shows that the world’s largest cruise group Carnival Corporation has launched in the year 2017, “almost ten times more sulphur oxides along Europe’s coasts than all of the 260 million Cars in Europe”, – stated in the at the 4. June report published.

The Carnival group include well-known shipping companies such as Aida Cruises, Costa Cruises or Cunard Line. The second-largest cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruises, belongs to the Pro-rata Tui Cruises, ranked “in the second place, with four times higher sulphur oxide emissions”. Sulfur oxides damage human health and lead to the acidification of soils and waters.

For the study of pollutant emissions from cruise ships berthed in the port cities of Europe in the year 2017 is determined and evaluated. The much frequented ports in the Mediterranean such as Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Venice are the most affected. “The most air pollutant emissions will be reduced, apparently, to the fleet of the Italian industry giant Costa Crociere, closely followed by MSC Cruises from Switzerland.”


nitrogen oxides (NOx) from combustion processes in the Form of nitrogen monoxide (NO) into the atmosphere. There, they react with the oxygen in the air to the more toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Similarly, oxides of sulfur (SOx) traps.

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The publication of the study met in the Lobby of the cruise industry, the Cruise Lines International Association (Clia) to criticism, because “the study results were released, without any scientific testing or Peer Review (peer review).” The Ranking is based solely on assumptions, stated in a statement.

At the request of the star, Costa Cruises announced that the company continues investing in sustainability. “Specifically, Costa will have until 2020 to equip its fleet with filter systems (Advanced Air Quality system) completes, filtered, in which fine dust is to a minimum of 50 percent of the SOx and 98 percent can be.”

Among the total of 50 evaluated the port cities of Hamburg ranks as the first German port city in the European comparison on a filthy eleventh place. Warnemünde ended up on rank 14 and keel on rank 33.

The 29-page study for Hamburg to a sobering result: in 2017, the start of cruise ships caused the Hanseatic city of “more than one and a half Times as many emissions of oxides of Sulphur, such as the nearly 770,000 in the Hanseatic city registered Cars.” And it continues: “The nitrogen oxide emissions of the giants of the ocean corresponded to about twelve percent of Car-related exhaust emissions.”

Although it has Hamburg on one of its three cruise terminals as one of the few deep-sea ports in Europe via a supply with shore power. However, this only comes in a few attempts, to use. Only a small number of ships are prepared for it. In addition, the ship’s own engines to produce electrical energy free of tax – at a fraction of the Kilowatt price for shore power. As is also levy through the German EEG-expensive.

Which pattern belongs to which ship?

the ship of this red carpet?

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The Nabu calls, therefore, for an expansion of the already Central and Eastern parts of the North sea emission control area for the rest of Europe, and in particular for the Mediterranean sea. Also, instead of heavy fuel oil to higher-value fuels such as marine diesel and particle filter and a nitrogen oxide Cata-gates should be used “if the industry wants to have a future”.

light at the end of the tunnel

Some innovative cruise provider make already pressure. At the end of June will sting for Hutigruten the “Roald Amundsen” in the lake. The expedition ship, the Norwegian shipping company is the first with a hybrid drive and uses a combination of combustion and electric motor. The ship is specially designed for sensitive travel suitable areas in the Arctic and Antarctic. The Power in the battery is sufficient for a maximum of a 30-minute all-electric and silent. The Norwegian shipping company promises, in addition to the fuel savings, a reduction of the CO2 emissions by 20 per cent – power of 3000 tons per year.

high-tech ship in Hamburg,

Around the globe without using a drop of fuel

By Till Bartels

The initially mentioned “Aida Nova” has embarked on the course in the direction of the future. Still, it is vessels, only one of the hundreds of cruise, the clean the world’s oceans cruises. Soon additional new ships with LNG propulsion will be run from the stack.

The order books of shipyards specialising in cruise ships and new drives, such as the Meyer shipyards in Papenburg, Germany and Turku in Finland, and, soon, the Fincantieri shipyards are well filled. “More than a third of all new buildings, a total of 25 vessels, will use LNG as main propulsion fuel”, according to the Clia. Even the Nabu denounced shipping companies, Costa, Carnival and MSC have ordered LNG ships. In November 2019, the “Costa to stand Smeralda” as the second LNG vessel in the lake.

it is about time. Because 2026 is the entry ban for the Norwegian fjords for ships with internal combustion engines.

sources : Transport & Invironment and Clia Germany

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