large-scale deployment of police and rescue workers at the Baltic quay On Sunday, about 50 environmental activists blocked the cruise ship “Zuiderdam” in the port of Kiel and held it as a continuation of the journey. “The activists prevented the crusaders, among others, with several small boats at the Store”, it says in a statement to the police. In addition, some of the activists climbed on to the bulbous bow and the mooring lines of the ship. Five activists climbed a construction site crane, which was located at the Baltic quay. Two of them later had to be of a height of rescuers abseiled.

The activists criminal case

expect The activist group called “Smash Cruiseshit” and stated on Twitter that the action, among other things, the high pollutant emissions of the cruise ship and to the working conditions on Board’s attention. “Cruise is at the expense of people and the environment,” postetet the activists on Twitter. And: “Alone in the Harbor, a cruise ship consumes the energy of a small town”, she highlighted the environmental movement Friday For the Future.

no one was Injured in the operation. However, in the meantime, more than 40 persons by the police in custody. “The 46 activists were dismissed in the course of the night from the custody. Twelve were short a space reference, and had to be re-taken into custody,” reads the press release. “Against the activists of the criminal proceedings on suspicion of coercion, of the resistance and of the break-in were.”

Six hours of delay

The cruise liner “Zuiderdam” was originally supposed to be 16 at store. Due to the Blockade, the ship was able to leave at 21.50 clock with a nearly six-hour delay in the port of Kiel and the journey to Copenhagen to continue. In this case, the ship of several boats of the water police was accompanied.



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